info on energizer prodigy metal

looking up specs on an energizer light, i found the prodigy line from energizer. never heard or seen anything on it until tonight.

anyone seen or used one? im curious if the build quality is anything like my ultimate lithium flashlight. not the brightest light out there, but its quality 

also curious to the going price on one. call me strange, but i like the energizer lights


someone here must have used one before

No idea on that one... though on the subject of Energizer lights, I have a leftover double-barrel battery tube from an older model, originally took 4xAA. But with the plastic bushings removed it'll take four 17670s, or EIGHT cr123s... yikes! It's just the tube & end caps with no switch or head, just two 6mm-ish threaded holes in the front to attach something that makes light. Haven't found anything suitable yet for turning it into something functional.

seems that the only place i can find it is from south africa. and its 769R which is about $76… and thats without shipping, if they will even ship to the US. and only 96% positive

@Pulsar, Bidorbuy is an online shopping search engine, the actual product is on this site Here
These are also sold in most outdoor stores (camping, overlanding)

Hope this helps

Thanks for the info. Is shipping from so Africa expensive? and is my currency conversion close to correct?

Idon't know why I like the energizer lights so much, but they got a good look to me. If it was closer to $40 I'd probably snag one

At the moment it’s R10 to $1, shipping anywhere is expensive, I want to get the newer ZTS MB1 battery tester , which is the same price as the Energizer, $70 but with shipping it will be close to $120.
Maybe we can find someone traveling both ways and do a swap over, I can walk in to the store and buy the light.

i will have to check shipping charges as shipping from US to anywhere is expensive.

but i will definitely get back to you on this

Have you guys sorted a deal out, Bergtjie, Pulsar?

It seems we could post privately for around $18, up to 500g, not sure what the prodigy weighs, will check it out.

If you really want the light perhaps we can buy it and post it to you? Seems like a lot of money though… And the exchange rate is actually great for you guys in the US at the moment, we are suffering on our budget light purchases on this side!!!

ive been laid up out of work so i wont be able to do anything until im at least back to work

I wish someone would make a review with this. It looks good!