info on fenix tk41 and e40

Hey guys I’m new to this forum my wife thinks I’m nuts because of my love of the light haha ok now on to my question. I’m looking for a couple of aa lights i don’t use 18650’s because I’m a huge worry wort and i know i would worry like crazy every time they were in the charger and i use cr batteries but I’m look for readily available aa lights. I have an olight m3x and a dereelight aspheric( blows my mind every time i turn it on) i was wondering how the tk41u2 compares to the m3x and if anyone owns the e40 i cant find many reviews on it. Thanks in advance


Welcome to the monkey house, yankees102110!

First, welcome. It would help to know what your need is with the light. Are you just starting a collection, want it for specific purpose, etc?

I did some research recently and the e40 is Fenix’s more basic 4xAA light. The next, similar step up in the fenix line would be the LD40, and the newest in that type/chassis is the LD41. All fenix is good stuff; no issues there. I was looking recently for an all around good light to take camping, etc. I researched all the 4xAA fenix lights and others. In the end I found a good deal (“(see here)”:PA40 at $54 USD: Steal of a DEAL!!! on the Jet Beam PA40 (very similar to fenix’s LD40) but like the run times it has, low “moonlight” like low end, but powerful high setting, and the interface. It’s a great light. Also for average use, and to the human eye its hard to tell the difference between 300 - 500 lumen. For every-day use beyond 500 isn’t necessary. Of course all my humble opinion. However, some have to have fastest, brightest, bestest, etc just because, not for any practical reason. I’m just not that way…and it’s one “why” of the reasons I like this forum. Also, the TK41 is a hefty light, and may get to be a lot if you’re packing it long distances/times.

Let us know what you decide and if you’d like provide a little more info and we’ll do our best to help you further.

Why not consider this?

The PA40 is vastly superior to the e40??

E40 is a simple 4AA light built for throw. Nice cool white beam. It’s nothing fancy but a solid light overall so far for the price.

I think the PA40is better, but not”vastly”.

Im more of a thrower guy than a wall of light guy so I think the e40 would suit me better and as far as the tk41 I don’t mind the size I was just wondering if their is a big noticeable difference in throw from the m3x. Thanks guys


It sounds like you prefer throwers, so the E40 is probably the best balance of throw along with a flashlight of manageable size.

Of course, if size and weight aren’t of much concern then syou hould just throw caution to the wind and go for the TK41. 8)

I proberly should just get both lights I think that’s the only way to settle this haha

Yes, and once you get them don’t leave them in the dark for too long…they’re like rabbits and they multiply!!!