Info on these cells?

Wanna know where I found them?

Inside these:

Was hoping for Sanyo..

Seems somewhat deceptive as I think they sell them as being Sanyo core, I would complain to whoever sold them to you or try and contact Keeppower.

Looks like they are made by Great Power Battery Co Ltd

Here’s what looks like the datasheet\_\_547.pdf+icr18490&hl=en&gl=uk&pid=bl&srcid=ADGEESh2uKr2w4QvnTg6pwu5xftrUxbMnUA_ZAOz7SOZxwfYtt86Ht-R9R_elrD2aGwaxHJaBZ9ATmkVzutCV-3uZCRANplfOkem62JplkEzXhoQ0-eWpZECEz7IRbhaAhYpJU8jfUdP&sig=AHIEtbQUb1WyzO22Vq_36tSfyuvLz4ZSCw

I contacted my retailer already. It seems that Keeppower is claiming Sanyo but using different cells. If you compare HKJs test with these graphs:

you will notice that he got 80mAh more out of the same cell, but he discharged to 2.8V. So I assume the cell he had was the same as the one tested one dampfakkus. And they also tested the bare Sanyo cell which had a "lot" more capacity, more difference than we usually see between protected and unprotected cells.

I dont like that.

@Spasmod: Thanks a lot! How did you find that. :D

Remember that my test was nearly a year ago, they have probably decided to use another cell since then.

On my battery it says: "Cell & IC made in Japan".

Cell & IC Made in Japan

Assembled in China

Are you sure that yours use the Sanyo cell or do you trust the specs?

I trust the specifications, I usual never check inside.

With a Chinese battery inside and a text saying "Japan" outside, I would say you need to complain.