Initial Impressions Sofirn SP35

The Sofirn SP35 flashlight is a great competitor in the 21700 category. I also have the IF25 from Sofirn but that light is fairly floody. I like the beam profile of the SP35 since it combines great throw with decent spill as well. The SP35 is longer than the IF25 but it rides very nice in the pocket with the fairly deep clip. This light utilizes the Luminus SST-40 in 6500K and is rated for 2000 lumens. There is no rear tailswitch, but uses a side switch with battery indicator. I will have to say the side switch is really mushy. I wish they would have used the same switch that is found in my IF25 and SP36. My biggest complaint is I wish this had a rear tailswitch like the Fenix PD36R, but for $40 it’s a great light.

Included in the package is a charging cable, manual, o-rings, lanyard, and a huge 5000 mah 21700 battery. I really enjoy the runtimes with this light. I can get a great output from this light for many hours. This light features onboard charging using USB-C. That’s why I really love Sofirn because they feature onboard charging. The UI is fairly straight forward with this light. A single press turns the light onto the last memorized mode. A long press is moonlight, hold while on cycles through eco, low, med, high, and a double click activates turbo. Ramping UI is also available, however it’s a little slow for my liking. Overall, it’s a very affordable option for the quality, power, and runtime of this light.

Things I like:

  • Bright 2000 lumen output
  • Balanced beam profile of throw and flood
  • Included 5000mah 21700 battery
  • Onboard charging

Things I don’t like:

  • No tailswitch
  • Side switch is very mushy, no tactical feel
  • Cool white emitter

I’ve had mine for the last 6 weeks and use it every night.

Really impressed with the light, haven’t experienced any ATR issues.
Love the simple UI. Its so easy for the whole family to operate right out of the box….ie: they don’t need to be a flashlightphile/nerd to know how it works :)…leave the position to me!!!

Like the onboard charging however note that others here more experience indicate the onboard charging (in general for all lights) is no match for an external charger to ensure its to full capacity, never the less, I’m still happy with it.

The only slight dislike is the button (if I had to pick something), can be hard to find by feel in the dark where as another light I have is a lot easier by touch (rubber top on button.

Aside from that, wouldn’t change a thing - good throw/flood balance and like the cool white align with the magnetic bottom accessory I’d ordered.

I agree, the ATR is not noticeable which is what an ATR should be.

Maybe if you’re constantly moving, outside. In a more static scenario you can notice it as shown in this graph:

But it’s not as bad as for example the SP33 V3.0.

Thanks for the impression, here a pic from Sofirn store (I like at least 1 picture to see what flashlight is discussed)

I think it’s been mentioned that Sofirn will be releasing an “SP35T” version with a tail switch. Not on my radar, dual/multiple switches are deal killers. I have a love/hate relationship with my SP35. Overall it’s a great light, but some characteristics keep it from being a super light for me. As stated, the switch is a huge disappointment. The tail cap design is horrible and the machining is coarse. The stepless ramping is wonky, and the lousy switch doesn’t help. I do appreciate the output, though, and the tint on my sample is excellent for 6500k. No green or blue shift noticeable throughout the range that I can see. It appears closer to 5800k - 6000k to my eye. The thing does put out a ton of light. Despite the design shortcomings (IMO), I would buy a 5000K version, but wouldn’t spend more than $25 for it.

To me, that graph just proves the ATR works pretty well. 60 min on turbo? 140 min on high? That’s impressive.

The ATR works pretty well to maintain a constant temperature, but the brightness oscillates almost 30% of the initial brightness.

Can’t speak of the ATR, but the tail cap and swtich seem to garner the most criticism. It’s still a very good light, though.

I’ve also found the ramping mode to the a bit slow and kind of janky, even compared to the SP32’s which wasn’t renown for its ramping prowess. It’s a present feature and nice to have, but I wouldn’t consider it a strong suit.

I did just pick up the magnetic tail cap, which takes care of the oddball original, and the switch is just something that will have to be kept in mind.

Another minor issue with the original tail cap is that those sharp edges don’t stand up very well to use. Mine hasn’t lead a hard life and yet the anodizing is starting to wear off on the edges of the saddle, a first for any of my Sofirn lights. Perhaps another reason to get the alternate cap.

Another tip for those who seeking a holster — order the “small” one from Sofirn.

Unlike a lot of the offerings on the market, which are aimed at 18650 lights and too tight, or others for larger lights and don’t fit properly, the one Sofirn is selling is well suited to 21700 lights (albeit not the best for its 18650 lights). But, don’t forget to lock out the light (there’s the switch/button thing again).

Hopefully they won’t alter the spec and/or choose a different supplier and lose that, at least without noting it in some fashion. I ordered and returned a couple others from elsewhere when I should have gone to the original source from the start.