Initial lux testing of LightCanon V2 flashlight, world record?

I still haven’t picked out a name for this flashlight, so I’ll just call it LightCanon V2 for now (since it’s the second version of the original LightCanon I built)

I have some numbers:

1490 on the luxmeter in x100 mode.
That is 149 000 lux.

Distance is 5m from the front of the lens to the luxmeter:

The lens hood sticks out in front of the lens btw, that’s why it is slightly in front of the back of the laser.

*Calculated back to 1m:
3 730 000 cd*

Almost 4Mcd :open_mouth:
This is just very initial testing, I will do some longer range tests soon to get more accuracy, but this is pretty incredible :slight_smile:
Build log coming soon, I am very excited to show everyone how I did this!
Other than the “big fresnel lens in front of flashlight” builds, the only other light that comes close is the “Optik-Scheinwerfer” by a guy called Photon over on the german forum, which claims 3Mcd. The next best (I think) is the “Lance of RA” Lance of Ra - Product Introduction — Silent Thunder Ordnance with 2.6Mcd.

You are teasing us…

Haha yes a little :smiley:
I want to do like you did though, post the whole finished build in one post so it’s not scattered into different parts.

Ok I went out tonight and took a more accurate measurement…

<1 lux moonlight ambient light level

50m measuring distance (my laser can’t do much farther than that unfortunately, otherwise I would have tried a 100-200m measurement)

Luxmeter in x10 mode, so ~1850 lux.

Result is 4.6Mcd :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

When is “soon”? :slight_smile:

Few days, I have all the images uploaded to imgur, but it’s a lot so I might try to compress them or something.

I’m not sure if inserting images into forum threads loads the whole image or a reduced resolution version?
I will do a test to find out…

Ok, hurry up :stuck_out_tongue:
You can change the shown resolution (or percentage) when inserting the link.

Yeah but I’m not sure if that loads the whole image into cache when the page loads, and then downscales it, or if it downscales first and then sends it to the user.
Here is a 3.78Mb image, let’s see how much data it actually uses:

before image: 62.2Mb
after image: 66.1Mb
Difference: 3.9Mb

So yeah it seems like the full images get loaded before resizing :confused:

Ok, then just use a tool for batch resizing. Not too much work. For this forum I would go with 800*600.

60+MB for 1 PIC?
Better add warning in title (only watch on WiFi or PC) :wink:
Really want to see this, but would use my remaining data for the month :wink:

Still, would be too curious not to look anyways :smiley:

Yup that’s the res I’ll use.

It’s 60MB because of the other pics and two gifs I posted, which were 25MB each.
The difference before and after the pic was 3.9Mb, basically the full size of the pic, even though I set it to 800x600 in the forum.

If I do the build log will 50+ images at full size that would be like 200Mb, so I will need to down size them :stuck_out_tongue:

I resize the images in imgur using the edit function.

Yeah, but I don’t want to have to do that 50 times, I think there’s a way to have them all resize at once when you upload, I’ll have to try that.

If you use Imgur there’s no need to resize, I upload all of my review pictures at full resolution and add an “h” to the end of the file name before the .jpg.

H stands for huge and L for large, technically a thumbnail but more than enough for forum use.

If you check my reviews they all have decent resolution pictures that weight way less than 1MB, quality loss is near unnoticeable.

Thanks I’ll keep that in mind for next time, I just uploaded them in 800x600 all at once, was pretty easy :slight_smile: