Inron MY801

Hi everyone, this is my thoughts on the Iron MY801, please dont expect much, i have only recently bought some chinese pocket knifes after stumbling across a post on here a few weeks ago.

Anyway, i was hoping to compare this knife with the Enlan EL-01 which was the first knife i ordered along with a Spyderco Tenacious from greatwalloutdoorDOTcom. Neither have turned up!

Some pics with other popular knifes for comparision:

Using 9Cr13MoV

The Inron was delivered quickly from hellogiftshop he can be PM'd on here for Paypal payment

The knife immediately feels good in hand, slightly thicker than the 939 (pictured above) but slightly thinner than the EL-04 (also above). The G10 is well shaped and fits perfectly flush all around. It is textured but its quite gentle and is no problem in bare hands. There is no jimping other than the lock release.

The knife was slightly stiff on arrival but no play when locked. A drop of oil and a few movements of the blade have slacken it off and it now flys open with a flick of the flipper and a slight wrist flick. Inside it appears to have a bronze washer one side and nylon the other. The pocket clip is one side tip up only, it is tight but not so stupidly tight as the EL-04.

On my scales it weighs in at 146g (393 at 132g and the EL-04 at 140g).

It feels very robust, the blade is the same thickness as the Enlan and tapers similarily towards the tip, thicker than the 939.

Not sure what else to add so feel free to ask anything i have missed. I am very pleased with it, great knife :)

nice sharing