Inspection cameras

I would be able to find many uses for one if i had it, but they are pricey, are there quality budget ones out there?
Also how far can it see (only a few inches in front of the camera or can it focus farther) and how about lighting?
Are the screens that come with them high resolution (like a digital camera screen) or are there cheaper models with computer (netbook) outputs?


I am reasonably comfortable with the quality/functionality of the Extech brand. I haven’t yet acquired one, but this seems a good place to compare specifications, etc. Their prices start at about $100 and go up from there.

More expensive models:

Edit: Sale at Sears on


I found this, its much more budget friendly, but i would want good quality which is not likely with this specific device

The device you linked brings the price down by deleting the monitor. It forces you to integrate the functionality of the camera, laptop, and software. I agree that the quality would be suspect.

The camera head diameter of 7mm is pretty small. Not sure what that is telling me. A 7 meter tube length seems longish too. Not sure what would happen if I tried to push this into my sewer or around the bend in a sink trap. :slight_smile:

i am happy to supply the screen and processing power, and even light
but i want quality and decent resolution, i don’t think 640x480 is sufficient

small diameter is a mixed bag, it will fit more spaces but can’t get as high resolution, 1600x1200 or higher would be nice

Do an eBay search for USB inspection camera HD

I like this one:

quality is also suspect, but i haven’t found any well known brands making this type of product yet, i hope there are some

Hmmm, I see do-it-yourself colonoscopies in Bort’s future… J)

there is always a discount rate for engineers from texas

I use my Harbor Freight light with the 4 foot long semi-rigid gooseneck… ooooh, mama! J)

DIY health coverage?

I have seen the no screen ones on banggood starting for around 17$ And wondered if the 640x480 is any good?

But now after seeing the eBay one I don’t want one of the cheap cameras anymore, I guess a semistiff cable is better for most cases and the higher resolution is also a must have.
Added to my wish list.