Install a small diammeter star in a P60 host?

Hi folks.

Correct me if I am wrong. The default diammeter size in a P60 host for a LED star = 20mm. Yes or not?

Is there any problem about installing a 14 or 16mm star on a P60 pill? the reflector will continue pressing the star into the pill?


14's are pretty standard, but a 16 will usually fit. You just don't want to cover up the holes for the LED leads.

SO a P60 pill can acept maximun 20mm?

No! Its only 16 mm. 14 and 12 mm are OK, but have to be centered with the

help of heatsink compound. A 20mm star is to big.

The two empty P60's i have here will not take any star of over 16mm diameter.

All my dropins q5(defunct),r2,r5 are all mounted on 16mm stars. The only 20mm star was in my ex romisen RC-C8 twisty zoomie. A 16mm star is indeed better to aid aligning it properly. I use the goop fujik from dx. Not awesome but does the job. Be carefull as to not make it float in it. A small amount and hard pressed on the base is the best metod i believe since heatsinking leds can't be that different from CPU's, all in all it is the same principle, unfortunately there is nothing to keep pressure on the star.

Understood 100%. Thanks to all for the confirmation

The reflector screws down and bears on it usually in a P60. At least most of mine do, but they are really bearing on the solder where the leads connect to the star.

Yap, thats correct. A nice rubber washer for plumbig but thin could be just the thing to put enough pressure and put just a smear of thermal glue underneath. That along with alu foil is actually all you can do to aid thermal transfer to p60 hosts.

And that alu foil trick works really well :)