Insulator gaskets effect to the beam profile.

I have an idea, but I thik this is not a new idea, but I share, because I don’t find anything in this theme.
The horizontal centering is important, but we can adjust the LED’s vertical position, with different thickness insulator gaskets.
I try this mod, with a new Convoy L2, and XP-L HI LED. With the stock insulater, and an A17DD I get calculated 162kcd with my cheap lux meter. The beam has a spill, a small hotspot, and a second hotspot.
I try thicker insulator, than the stock, and I get a lower value, around 150kcd. The beam has a spill, and a larger hotspot, than the previous case, but don’t have a second hotspot.

I think, if I get some thinner insulator, I can get a brighter flashlight, but more ugly hotspot :slight_smile: