IntelliCharger i4 PRO V3 - 3rd Generation

Any reviews yet? What are the improvements over the V2?
(other than “…stainless steel spring guide that provides smoother battery insertion…”)

No mention of better thermal management. What were you dreaming of?

How is it a dream? Has anyone reviewed it yet?

According to this review of the Inte*r*llicharger i4 PRO, not much has changed. The charge rate, algorithm and overall effectiveness remain the same. The spring/slider has been improved, the bay pairs are now 1&2, 3&4 and the bay cut-outs are now larger near the top.

I prefer the look of the V2 better. More industrial, a little more robotic. If the only things that have changed are cosmetics then why bother. As to thermal management mine only got hot enough that I smelled something once…

Maybe that’s why it only charges to 4.15v. :expressionless:

Nobody puts a fan on these?

I do.

In retrospect that sounds like a good idea. Get a small CPU fan and cut a hole in the top of the housing, wire the fan in parallel with the rectifier output and perhaps a resistor?

I’d think that would be most useful on a 6-bay charger like the Xtar.

The i4 really needs a fan. :~

Are your i4 really that hot to need a fan?
mine seems to be warm only. My floor is ceramic tile (cooler) and when charging during hot day, i turn on a small desk fan to breeze the room…

It's more for my BC-700, but the i4 gets cooled too since they charge side-by-side.

I usually charge my i4 in an Aircon environment.
As for fan, i used to have a cheap ebay usb fan that is powered by a miller v5. It works.
I do hope they improve on NiMH termination and charging current.

i4 is nothing special, no LCD, no voltage display, no advanced features, slow to charge both NiMh and LiIon batteries(other than 10440 which are not recommended), nothing fancy!

…but at $18 (v2) it’s sure cheaper than my iCharger. I’ll use the i4 with my 4 cell 18650 light cause its easy. Now a $25 version with all the advanced features would be nice?

I like my i4 v2. It’s not the fastest or most advanced, but it’s cheap and charges anything I throw at it without worry of overcharging.

I usually set mine on a stone table while charging, just on the off chance one of my batteries decides to combust. Never really noticed a thermal problem with the charger, although it does warm the stone in the area the charger was sitting.

I use mine with an small old pulled box fan; same for my iCharger which has a it’s own fan. No problems but just a habit, same for my external drives.

I charge on tile, as well, in the garage. These batteries scare me, especially when I crash a Lipo.

my I4 v2 never getting hot too much so i never put a fan on it :slight_smile:

My i4 v2 almost get on fire charging 4 18650, only capable to do that with a external PS, I have to put it a fan to cool down… Tire of it I sell to a friend, let him know all this things and replace it for a hobby charger… No interested in a v3

i'll try that

A PS with 2amps or more, I used to use a 30amp PS