Intelligent Battery Charger NC1000, MC204, MC403 Many charge currents with CAPACITY Test Function, which one your will like ?

Hello everyone,

Here we are launching three new smart battery charger PS-NC1000, PS-MC204, PS-MC403

They have variety of charge currents for normal charge and quick charge.

The most important, their have battery capacity test function.

Pls see their details in our Google+ picture as below:

Welcome your comments for them.

Thanks in advance!


Rebranded Liitokala?

For Jeff Zhou — I’m an ordinary reader here, this is my opinion only, but I think others will agree and have good advice for you.

To build a reputation here, know what you are selling.
Many sellers show up who do not know what they are selling, and don’t know how to find out and answer questions.

We frequently see products that look the same on the outside appear using different names (your chargers look exactly like the “Liitokala” product, for example).

We frequently see products that look the same in name and description show up made with different parts inside, sometimes cheaply and poorly.
We frequently see products that are not safe with 110 volt or 220 volt electrical systems, either badly designed or badly put together.

Making the product so people like us can recommend it to others is worth your attention.

There are several members here who will test and post the results of the tests.

Using the search box here (upper left corner of each page) you can find charger tests:

If you are doing comparable testing in-house for your products, post the results.
If not — consider that it would be a good idea.

Check your own products — don’t just trust that what’s in the boxes is what you’re selling.

If its AC (110 volt or 220 volt) then it needs to be tested by HKJ. No one else does 2500v & 5000v isolation tests. is HKJ’s website.

Power-Stations/Jeff ; If you want to successfully sell
your chargers here on the BLF , you need to have a
BLF review ! That means , you need your charger(s)
tested , by a very trusted and highly respected BLF
member. That trusted BLF member will then post the
test results/facts about your charger(s) on this forum.
They will tell us if your products are Ok or not Ok !
Without a real , longtime veteran BLF member to test
“your” products , you have 2 chances to succeed on
BLF. #1-Is a slim chance~~~~#2-Is “No” chance !

@202bigmike ,

Many thanks for your kind advices for charger test.

We will consider of your advice that ask our BLF Member to test our charger and check whether our charger is good or not .

Could you pls help me know who are the trusted BLF member ?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Hank,

Thanks so much for your advices. Future i will try to ask our engineer dept to save their test result and take some pictures .

Now we have made many chargers for these brand as below:

1.Memorex Brand:Memorex Smart RX1

2.ROBITON brand: Procharger 1000

3.Kraftmax brand: BC4000 Pro

4.MastAK brand: MT1000

So may be some friend can get them for a test near these brand.


Jeff, you asked
Could you pls help me know who are the trusted BLF member ?

NOTE when you go to the link suggested, you can click “my posts” to see everything that member HJK has done.
He tests other things in addition to chargers.

Or you can search for charger tests and see who does them here (and how people comment on them)

Look at the top left corner of the page where you see a white rectangle and the words “Google custom” next to a magnifying glass icon (blue background)

Type into the white box: charger test
Lick on the magnifying glass icon

That will find you the previous charger tests — you can see who’s been doing them and what their reports look like.

NOTE — the default ‘sort’ is by ‘relevance’ whatever that means, but you can change it to sort by date and find the newest ones.
Or just go by the number that’s the last bit of each link, higher numbers are newer.

You’ll see this most trusted member retests when hardware is changed, too.

You will find out the answer. I could tell you — but I’m just some guy on the Internet.

See for yourself — and that’s what you can show your engineers.

Where you say you made products under a lot of different names —- can you tell us that the products are identical except for the name?
Or if not, what the differences are between them if they are different inside the cases?

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