[Interest Check] Stainless Steel Bezel for ASTROLUX MF04 Series/MATEMINCO MTXX PLUS

Hi all.

I asked Mateminco whether they are willing to produce a stainless steel bezel for ASTROLUX MF04 Series/MATEMINCO MTXX PLUS and their response was positive.

They told me that if the quantity is 100pcs and over, the price will be $26.99 including shipping.

Let’s see if the interest is enough to make it feasible.

I might be interested. As far as my wallet has left some money over when the thing goes on sale. :wink:


I am interested if I will finally get an Astrolux MF04. Together with a long tube and SS bezel the MF04(S) would win over the BLF GT for me, mostly because it is cheaper.

yeah i will eventually get the MF04 not sure when though :smiley:



Interested, but I think the price is too high.

Interested. Now we only need another 92 more interested to make it a go!

I’d buy one!

Couldnt make them for that, I would get 4

Bump to make the SS bezel interesting again. :innocent: