Interest collect for a new Sofirn design: tube style18650, magnetic ring control, USB-C charging, 500 lm max (AKA grandma light)

Interested in several, what ever you come up with.

For elderly mom, grandma, or clueless muggle, a wireless charge station like the Orcatorch WR10 might be cool. I leave my WR10 up at the lake cottage all summer for anyone to use. Pretty intuitive to set it back in it’s cradle when finished using it. No cable to connect, no nothing. It has the added bonus of when the power goes out (which it does too often), the light turns on in low mode, so nobody is wondering around in a pitch dark log cabin looking for a flashlight. Especially my 87yr old mother.

It would certainly add to the cost though.

It’s a grandma light. Or grandfather…. grandperson? Therefore it is likely a muggle light; hence the 500 lumens, no step-down needed. A flashaholic may appreciate the light as one he/she can give to any other person with little fear they will mess up. At least that is how I look at it.

I have loaned as simple a light as an S2 with only 4 x 7135’s and the “gramma” was confused by the type of click to turn on-off vs the momentary press needed to change brightness. This person had better luck with a two button/switch setup (Wuben TO10R) except they felt the light was too small.

Sometimes it’s hard to win at all.

We are going in a lot of directions. In good with muggle friendly and safe.

Hey, I carried a 1-mode ’502 for years, and it suited me fine. Only changed the drop-in once to try an XP-L.

1.4A. I think.

I’m in. As small as practical and as simple as possible, yes. Magnetic ring does the trick.

If a safety blinky for pedestrians is desired (and I’m not saying it’s so) then DEFINITELY make it accessed by twisting the opposite direction from normal ramping modes.

Anything else should be well hidden so that people can’t accidentally activate. Honestly we have enough lights with all the bells and whistles, this one should be for muggles.

Interested - depending on what you come up with


Definitely interested. Put me down for 2. Seems like a really handy light. I prefer 4000k for the emitter, but agree with previous posts that it’s a good compromise.

I am also interested

Put me in. Thanks.

Quick thoughts:

  • Love the idea. We’ve needed this for a LONG time. Let’s stick to a concept and get something to market sooner than later.
  • A soft press, forward tailswitch in conjuction with a 3 or 4 position dimmer ring would be my only strong/controversial suggestion. One handed switching is crucial for a “simple” light IMO. I think this goes for snobs, muggles, or elderly. Additionally, I think this enables using a sub-lumen mode by separating the functions. 0.5-10-100-500 seems pretty darn good. And getting to pre-select brightness before turning it on is a huge plus.
  • +1 for the knurling and color contrast dial. Maybe black ano on the body and clear ano on the dial? Dimensionally, make sure the ring is long/tall enough to get a good purchase on, and maybe ~1mm larger OD
  • LED and optic choice can be debated forever. Besides, by the time this light is ready, who knows what emitters will be available. 5000K and 3000K choice is a simple answer. 3535 footprint and mod friendly optic dimensions covers all the bases I think. A frosted or pebbled spot seems like a good match here IMO
  • Charging port cover is the point I’m currently hung up on… I personally don’t have a winning idea yet. USB-C sounds right opposed to some proprietary magnetic setup, but port covers are a pain, and even a threaded ring isn’t elegant enough in my mind right now to choose it above the rest. So the default is to go with the simplest one to implement.

You can put me down for at least 4 though at that price point.

You know, after looking at that feature list again, I’m thinking a light like this could honestly be my EDC. Maybe I’m getting old…


I’m in for two

I am in for one.
A magnetic Tailcap would be cool an makes it for a good Muggle worker light too.

I would be in for two.

No, the exact goal need not determined, this project is not a discussion piece towards what sort of light is needed for a certain group of people, this project is making the light described in the OP :slight_smile:

You can discuss however how to call it, a grandma light, a muggle light, a budget flashoholics light, or something else.

Interesting project. Please add me for 3. Many thanks.


Love this 100 horses pulling in 100 directions discussions on BLF.
Until someone like TK comes along and tries to pour all that loose sand through a siff.
(and gets blamed that only 99 horses were satisfied).

I would like you to consider: we are not grandma.

- We’re still flashaholics who try to decide what’s best for grandma.

- Most of us are creative (wo)men with only one thumb on every hand.

- If you wear glasses: put them off.

- If you don’t wear glasses: put your wife’s glasses on.

- Put on some leather gloves.

  • Take a simple light and see how “easy” you can handle that.
    That is not a fun play. That’s grandma, for the rest of her life.

My personal opinion is that a ring is a 2-handed thing. A slide is not.
A ring cannot be locked out. A slide can, just push it beyond a certain limit.
A magnet comes in handy. But make it removable when you find grannie stuck to the fridge.
Ano is good. Visibility is better. Give it a distinct business end. And a striking color.
For the last aspect (and falling) you can include a rubber cover. The usual pink or blue.
And safety orange for those who are still contemplating their gender.

To be ignored: I was thinking about a 2 (big) button UI.
Button 1 = on and up
Button 2 = down and off

Just my 2¼c.

EDIT: and put me on the list for one. By the time it is finished I’ll be in my seventies.