Interest collect for a new Sofirn design: tube style18650, magnetic ring control, USB-C charging, 500 lm max (AKA grandma light)

Djozz, I’ll take one!
Sounds like a compact and simple light.

Just a suggestion, make the Ring of stainless steel and make it a nice contrasting color like bare SS or a nice blue.
That’ll make it easier to understand that it’s the control ring.

Many requests for a contrasting ring colour, it sounds useful, very doable without adding cost, and gives a nice accent to the design. I will try to get that added :+1:

Your and other’s many suggestions are noted.

I can promise that the ring, like my 3 other lights with magnetic ring are easily operated with one hand.

When is your birthday Henk?, so I can slow down the process to make sure you are 70 when it is done. :person_with_crown:

Are you sure?
I was born shortly before the Korean War started. Yet I doubt one event is related to the other. :innocent:

Well, I prefer infinitely variable and forward clickie, but Sofirn has been always very helpful with BLF and I like magnetic rings; so, I will take at least one of these; and probably a pair more for gifts….

One more time, thanks Djozz for your initiative

Okay, i’m in for one too.
If it works as well as others have experienced a thumb operated twisty ring, i’m all for it.
Hoping for no PWM and stepless dimming, either with or without indents.

(For the modders it would be awesome if the driver will be sold separately also, and capable of high currents with a resistor mod.)

Interested in 1.

Thanks, I enjoy doing this.

I love how BLF evolved from only modding existing lights to also creating complete new flashlights, with the help of a few companies who trust our expertise enough to overcome the hassle of the language and culture barrier.

I hope that this will be one more nice and innovative flashlight on the BLF list.

In for one, maybe 2.

I would prefer no moonlight modes for this, too easy to think the batteries are flat/leave it turned on/etc.

Off/30/500 LM would be amazing. Either with a separate on/off tail switch or without.

Parasitic drain would worry me, it’s usually a few years between uses for lights I’ve gifted my family members.

I’m interested. Depending on how the final product shakes out I’ll probably pick up at least a couple for gifts.

The parasitic drain of the Sofirn DF10 with its magnetic ring in the off-position I personally measured at 33 micro-amp, which would drain a 3000mAh battery in over 4 years. So it seems that Sofirn is already able to keep it low. But it is something that I will certainly keep an eye on once prototypes appear.

Maybe a magnetic switch (reed switch) that’s small enough to fit the driver that could act as an electronic switch?
It could lower the parasitic drain to below 5uA like many other electronic switch lights.

I would definitely be interested in buying some of those lights! This is exactly what i’m looking for. At this phase of the project add me for two.

They tend to have a large hysteresis though…

Guidelines for designing handheld tools for the elderly.

Note for exmple the mention of rocker switches.

Oh, and the diameter section for handheld tools:

Could be one reason the old 2D flashlights remain popular with older people — the battery tube is big enough to hold easily and to find.

In for one.

Interested for 2 units.

Is the rotary going to be like the one of a sunwayman V10R/Jetbeam RTT01 or like a Nitecore EC22 ?

Both could probably be locked with a small sliding tab connected to a pin going in a hole into the ring to block its rotation.

I`m in for one.

great idea!

@hank&others, thanks for the research and norms, I guess then that this will not become a proper grandma light then, at least it will not be for the granniest of granniest :smiley:

One of the starting points of this project is that it must be an attractive light for flashoholics too (it must be fun to give this light away with a certain proudness) , and going back (with all respect) to D-cell Maglite format whith the performance not different from a S2+ does not sound attractive to me. I must confess that my personal preference for compactness in flashlights plays a certain role here :innocent: