Interest in Single LED and triple LED Jetbeam Rotaries with Nichia LEDs

I have both the old version RRT-01 and the new 2019 version.

  • All versions of the of the RRT-01 fit 18350 without modification. The original RRT-01 was actually one of the first lights designed for 18350 from the start. It was a contrast from contemporary lights like the Sunwayman V11R that only fit 16340.
  • The Niteye Eye10 and Jetbeam TCR-01 also fit 18350 without modification. I assume the same also applies to the Niteye Eye10 TiC, but I don’t have one to check.
  • The battery tubes on both the old and new RRT01 have about the same diameter. However, the new RRT-01 is thicker and wider at the head and the base of the tail. The new RRT-01 is also noticeably heavier than the old version owing to the wider head and brass pill. The new one feels a bit like a Sipik 68 in the hand and pocket with its pinched-in battery tube. The old one feels like a small tube flashlight.
  • The reflectors of both versions of the RRT-01 appear to have the same width and depth. However, they are not quite interchangeable. While the reflective surfaces appear to have the same dimensions the new RRT-01’s reflector has more mass at the sides and doesn’t quite fit in the old RRT-01.
  • Early first generation old RRT-01s also shipped with a long clip and smooth reflector. The smooth reflector they came with produced a horrible ringy beam. Much worse than the beam from the new RRT-01. Jetbeam produced a second-generation early version RRT-01 with an Orange Peel reflector and shorter clip.
  • Early version of the Niteye Eye10 only had knurling on half the magnetic ring. The other half was completely smooth. In later runs, Niteye added a few ribs to this smooth portion for better traction.
  • The internal dimensions of the battery compartment appear identical on both the old and new versions.
  • The old RRT-01 featured a ball-bearing on slightly rough matte anodizing with a small detente at off and max. The ring worked extremely well and action was smooth, though some did find the anodizing to be slightly gritty.
  • The old Eye-10 had the same ball-bearing as the RRT-01, but featured a non-stop row of detentes through the entire rotation of the ring (something like 16 detentes). It was smooth and simple to operate, but felt more like a 16-setting light than true infinitely variable due to the detentes. It also made a sound like a zipper when you cycled the ring.
  • The TCR-01 had a shallow detente at off and max. Overall ring action is smooth with no grittiness. However, the detentes are so shallow they’re almost unnoticeable.
  • The 2019 RRT-01 has deep detentes at off and max, with smooth action between. These detentes are quite deep and it takes firm pressure to turn the ring out of them. The original RRT-01 and TCR-01 were unlikely to have the ring cycle accidentally in the pocket. With the much deeper detentes in the new version I think the risk of accidental pocket activation is basically zero.

The UnProtected Keepower 1200mAh 18350, definitely works in my Original model RRT-01, and also in my two Eye10 (both versions you described), and in my TCR-1.

great post and I agree with everything you said.

with one clarification:
Sadly, the TiC does NOT fit the UnProtected Keepower 1200mAh 18350, the body tube inner diameter is too narrow and the battery gets stuck part way down the tube.

This is a TiC

this is a TCR-1

New version has higher output driver right?

It has higher output, I do not know if that is due to the driver, and/or due to a more modern LED with lower vf.

If anyone has a new model RRT-01 modded to sw45, please post the output with a fresh 16340 for comparison.

FWIW the unprotected Keeppower 1200mAh 18350 I tried didn’t work in the new RRT-01, but the equivalent Vapcell 1100mAh 18350 works fine. Don’t think the positive on the Keeppower protrudes enough to make contact.

thanks for sharing your experience, pics from this Vinh video

in my Original RRT-01 the Unprotected Keepower 1200mAh works, and the Unprotected Keepower 750mAh does not… the flat top is wider on the 750, and I think it hits the plastic ring in the head, that is intended for reverse polarity protection

for a visual, here is the Protected Keepower 1200mAh, that I believe Vinh is using in the new RRT-01, next to the 1200mAh UnProtected Keepower that Jay reports does not work in the new RRT-01, but works in the Original RRT-01 I have.

I am ordering 8 Original RRT-01 to be modded to N219b and they will be available to those who PM me their interest.

These are lights I personally carry. If you like High CRI, I do not think you will be disappointed. Pricing remains to be determined.

three side by side beamshots, for color comparisons
triple N219b 3500k 9080, RRT-01 N219b 4500k 9080, XM-L 6000k

daylight reflections, Lights are OFF:

lights on, dimly:

Triple N219b 3500k 9080, on a low setting

Estimated outputs on a fresh 16340:

Triple N219b 3500k 9080 makes 360 lumens
Jetbeam RRT-01 rotary converted to n219b 4500k 9080 makes 395 lumens
stock 6000k XM-L makes 635 lumens