Interesting 6xAAA Light @ lightake

I just stumbled upon this one SmallSun ZY-142 (link with referal code).

It has a crappy generic LED, but the Host looks quite modding friendly, and with the AAA setup it would be a nice light for giving to Non-Flashoholics. And only 12$ / 8€ are very tempting...

I ordered one, and will keep you posted about the quality and ease of modding.

Interesting. It's hard to tell from the photos how they have the battery holder set up, but I'm assuming it puts the aaa cells in series. If it was changed to 3s2p it could drive an xml at full power through a SB 2.8a driver. You're correct on it being a neat idea for non-flashaholics... crappy runtimes on aaa, but at least no li-ion to worry about.

From the pictures I'd guess it has two 3AAA packs parallel (you can see the connection between the top und bottom 3AAA pack), so they can use a standard 3-4,5V driver.

6xAAA is almost the same capacity of 2xAA, but MUCH more expensive

I were in search of a light with multiple AA's (more than 2xAA) and multiple AAAs (more than the usual 3xAAA for extended capacity) and had this light in the list. I then found some PopLight diving lights with 4xAA but plastic bodies, probably fake Led Lenser's with 4xAAA and some other 3xAA series lights. Finally found a solution to this, and ordered a L2, a 18650 extender and a CR123 extender. This setup makes a strong 3xAA setup with just 1.5cm gap to fill with a spacer, by calculation. I wait for the SolarForce setup and my fake Led Lenser to arrive.

I soon got a Fenix LD40 4xAA light with a 20% discount, I encountered this week on a local shop. This light should pay the extra burden but I'm not sure for this 6xAAA one. Might be a pleasure to have and modify to an XP-G though. But I would still choose the 3xAA Ultrafire sold on Manafont instead.

Has anyone ever gotten one of these 6AA lights, the Small Sun ZY-142? I would like to know the dimensions of the lens and the reflector if you do have one.


The link in the OP says 53mm head.

Unfortunately I dont have the light itself here, so i cant give you the correct dimensions, but some other infos regarding the light:

The LED is a generic chinese one on a 16mm Star if I remember correctly, easy to swap, but the pill hasnt enough mass to support anything with power...

Build quality is fairly good, no anodizing but a clean paint coating.

And more hassle dealing with 6 batteries instead of just two. So where is the advantage in using it?

There is none. But why should everything offer an advantage?

Yes, but I don't know the reflector dimensions from the link, nor the lens dimensions.


ALL I asked was if anyone who had one could measure or knew the dimensions.

I doubt very seriously a P7, or XM-L, or SST-50 would be very bright with 2AA batteries...

Edit, the rest is incorrect assumptions, so I grayed them out, they don't pertain to the thread's substance.

But let's see 2AA (eneloops) is 2.4vdc @ 2000mah, therefore 3AA (eneloops) is 3.6vdc @ 2000mah and 6AA (eneloops) should be 3.6vdc @ 4000mah. High powered emitters usually need at least 3vf, so.... by the time you take out resistance in these Chinese lights, the 2AA has maybe 2vdc or less and the 3AA has maybe 3+vdc. The 6AA has still only 3+vdc, but twice the mah. As far as money?, I have a Bunch of AA NiMH batteries, so For Me, it's a good deal.

6 batteries (AA NiMH, the most commonly used rechargeable), gives our little light 3.6vdc direct drive at twice the runtime and they are still cheaper than any other NiMH battery.

Not cheaper than Lithium maybe, but I will not ever use a Lithium battery ever again (personal experience), so NiMH are great for me and the more the better.

I reckon some must be buying it, else they wouldn't sell it. I just like to know why would they choose 6xAAA vs 2xAA.

Old-Lumens, it's 6xAAA vs 2xAA.

You are right, I edited my post above. It's not relevant and was written incorrectly. My apologies.

Not really, usually the HK companies have very low stock or no stock, because they get it all from Shenzhen. So they just post thousands of products and don't really care.

DX for example sells canned shrimps, batteries, makeups, computer mainboards.....

:~ I'm not really sure how many people keep a bunch of AAAs lying around for use in the occasional torch needing them.

There's no way I'm gonna pay around $10 for 12 AAAs for a torch worth 12 bucks. Which is why this SmallSun [sic] won't sell.

Why is everybody questioning the purpose of this light?

What is the purpose of owning 20+ lights anyway (besides collecting them)?

This is a cheap flashlight with a rarely seen battery configuration, and this might make it interesting for people who like flashlights.

Btw: $10 for 12 AAAs seems a little expensive, and the light takes only 6 of them...

From eBay Australia — 12x Sanyo 1000mAh AAA eneloops @ $24-75. My $10 figure was for an off-brand from Hong Kong.

And 6 in the torch with 6 on charge = 12 number.

Most people keep 2 (matched) sets at least for each cell type.