Interesting new LED from Lumileds/Philips - Rebel ES

I came across this a few weeks ago but at the time the info was unclear. However the thread was on my watchlist and reading it now, it seems that the new (there was an old one) Rebel ES from Philips is designed to be a competitor to the XP-G. Rated for a 1.5A max it doesn't seem to be quite as efficient as the XP-G but isn't too bad. The doesn't currently seem to be any luminous flux binning info. However the Vf is fairly low and Philips do bin by Vf (if you can find a supplier how provide that). Also the efficiency for the neutral white isn't bad for those that want that.

Philips claim

The new chip is 1.4mm x 1.4mm and is the same size as the Cree XPG chip but delivers better performance in actual operating conditions

There is a test on CPF showing a neutral white Rebel ES vs a XP-E cool white in a flashlight. It seems a fair bit better but that's an XP-E and a Q5 at that. Also it doesn't appear the current was measured.

Time will tell how this compares against an XP-G in flashlight. Of course some of us are more anxiously awaiting the XM-L. Still competition is good, it will help keep prices of the emitter in check amongst other things.