International Outdoor Store

How fast are these guys at shipping something to the US? I'm thinking about ordering a Crelant 7G5 from them. Just curious ho long it would take to get it. Their website says 12 working days approx. Is that about right for those that have dealt with them in the US? Thanks.


16 days and counting. I did order on the weekend though. Haven't got the mail yet today.

How do you check status of your order from Outdoor Store. I can’t find an option to check order status. Any help? :beer:

I payed for my order on July14 and it arrived on the 31st to Montana. Seems to be about average for anything coming from china.

Hank recently said he switched to using Hong Kong Post, so it's still too early to know how long it'll take on average now. I did order some batteries after that on the 25th and they're not here yet.

I ordered a flashlight pouch and it took somewhere between 2-3 weeks to get it to me in Canada.

Small items that fit in a small bubble envelope often get here in a week.

It usually takes about three weeks for anything to get here from China.

I.O. usually ships within 2 or 3 days - from that point on, it’s up to the various carriers. I’ve done several orders with them and always been completely satisfied with both product and service.