Introducing Angryfox TP10 tactical flashlight

Utilize CREE XML2 U4, XPE2 LEDs with lifespan up to 50,000 hours burn time
Powered by one 18650 battery and two CR123A/16340 batteries
Maximum 1000lumens with beam distance up to 350 meters and 58 hours runtime
Digitally regulated output maintains constant brightness, reverse polarity protection from improper battery installation
Patented unique side light design with maximum 80 lumens
Patented easily disassembled tactical finger ring
Patended two-in-one 360 degrees tactical tail cap switch(Patented)
Made of durable high-grade aluminum with premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
151.5mm Length x 25.4mm Body Diameter x 39mm Tail Diameter, 103g(exclude battery)


Side light with 80 lumens, it can be as the feet light to light up your feet area.
Also can be as the reading light:

Multi-colored LEDs are available to enrich your usage

Mic USB charging, the indicator is red under charging, it is green When the power is full

Patented Family-owned “Rattlesnake” clip design
The flashlight can stay at 45 degrees lighting angles all the time When it is hanging somewhere

Two-in-one 360 degree tactical tail cap switch

Variety accessories: wrist belt, headband, waist clip, colorful filter, diffuse
Enable the flashlight for widespread use


Once had a fox as a pet. Bulldozer destroyed den so I was given a baby fox a few weeks old to nurture. Kept him for several months as a pet but he never got tame in the least. One time I tried to pet him with my hand and arm covered in several layers of leather and canvas, bit right through all of it and drew my blood. Off to the woods and let him go. An Angryfox is nothing to play with.

Thank you very much for your experience sharing, and let more people know it is not easy to have fox a pet and play them, not more than say to got tame angry fox….
So we make our flashlights with Angryfox brand to make people to play very easily.