Introducing XinTD X3 XM-L2 3*AA Flashlight

Quick feature list:
XM-L2 U2 1A/ T3 6A1 / T6 3C LED
Uses 3*AA
26650 compatibility
AR coated glass lens
Stainless steel bezel
3A+ current capable battery metal carrier
Uni-head construction
Qlite driver, latest batch is checked to be 3.04A, lots of mode options.

More info to come in the next days.


Hank - That's a nice looking torch. I don't see it on your website yet. Ready to ship?

What's the runtime on 3 AAs?

This product will be available in about one week time, so there is no link for now.

Nice light Hank!!

Awesome… Lovethe 26650 compatibility

That looks like one solid light. What is the price?

What a tease! Sealed

AA’s or 26650 and driven at 3 amps….nice!

Most importantly, whats the driver?

You had one of my looks didn’t you. :wink:

Qlite driver, latest batch is checked to be 3.04A, lots of mode options.

Like XinTD a lot because my C8 V4 is an awesome light.
This one seems really nice. But from the picture, is it a little bigger than it should be (3AA or 26650) or the hand is fairly small?

then it will peak at under 2 amps on 3AA, the 105C on XM-L U2 peaked at around 2A on 3 eneloop (the lowest internal resistance cells i know of), and with the higher forward voltage of the XM-L2 you will get even less amps :frowning:

i want some dimensions

i like the looks of that light... but looks expensive...

looks very similar to Palight…

Whats the price of these?

Oh my!

It needs to be bigger than a typical 26650 cell light to accomodate the 3AA cells.

Maybe a plastic sleeve adapter?

Look prettys compact and nice. Always liked lights that can use AA. I just hope it remains budget, maybe priced close to the xintd c8.

Will this light come with copper mounted LEDs? Would definitely increase the appeal of this light