IR emitters

Hi all can anyone suggest some good poweful infrared emitters Ideally 3v but will consider any other suggestions

I came across quite a few new IR emitters lately, from Lumileds, Osram and Luminus, 850nm and 950nm. But I have no use for them and do hot hear others about them lately (a couple of years ago there was regular talk about them on BLF), so I pay little attention to them.

So without any tests to prove it, this led from kaidomain must be a nice one, although it is 1.5V : link

Edit: you can’t go wrong with this Osram led from kaidomain either, they call it “doublestack” and it is 3V :sunglasses: . Link

Led4power is your friend.

Thanks Djozz, I shall give those a try , interestingly led4power likes those too


These LEDs emits high power non-visible infrared light which can cause eye damage!

Sound perfect :slight_smile:

Edit: I think the one on Kdomain is the next model up?? led4power

No idea, you are the expert now :person_facepalming: :sunglasses:

Ok well… Led4power has had enough of my money lately im going with Double Stack :smiling_imp:

SFH 4715AS (850nm) is more usable in a flashlight with a lens. Same output as 4716AS but with narrower “beam”
SFH 4725AS is the same as 4715 in 940nm.

However latest tech is the VCSEL LASER

Looking into that myself at the moment. I’m using a 4715AS in Brinyte B158 and looking for an upgrade… Battery is empty on high in about 1,5 hrs so the extra efficiency and power sounds promising.
I’m currently looking for the right 3 mode driver for the VCSEL.

Any info is appreciated!

The VCSEL seems to be creating a donut shape when placed in some lens flashlights, so it still takes some experimenting…

Are these 3v Osram IR on copper DTP electrical isolated?

No, I use Bergquist STAR for them. It’s alu but works fine, LED won’t get too hot. Don’t put more than 1.5 amp through or they will burn out. I had it happen on my first try.

Edit: Sorry I misunderstood. I have not experience with the kaidomain board, but it needs a isolated center pad.

Thanks for the info… i ordered both in the end will be using in a NM400 , so no over driving these? 1.5a max?