Is Clemence still around? Left with unfulfilled orders and no communication

I have unfulfilled orders from the Skilhunt Groupbuy that has been ongoing for more than 3 years now. Last he gave us any updates was October 2022 and then nothing.

Has anyone have any recent transactions with him?

I placed an order with Clemence (Eurekatronix) last December and received my order 70 days later. Much slower than expected, but I was very happy with my quad 1800K E17As.

When I was concerned about the delay, this is what Clemence stated:

As some of you might already know, I have had so many problems lately. Mostly due to the extreme weather here. I had to renovate my house and workshop which partially collapsed during the storm.

Sorry to hear that you’re having issues mitsuki08.

He still has all the data from his last company. I also had an order open, and he cleared it after I wrote him. Use the contact form on the new website.

It’s not really an issue so long as he communicates with us really. Understanding a person’s predicament and being patient can only get you so far when they have an obligation to fulfill an order and they seem like they’re ghosting you.

Sorry what do you mean by cleared? Refund? Processed your order?

Thanks for the feedback. I guess he’s fulfilling orders except for ours. I guess the collapsed workshop could be the reason. I’ll wait it out then.

I got a refund.