Is it as easy as swapping chip

It seems peeps telling me to get certain lights and I think swap the led chip out ?

Is that what I am hearing lol so my xpg3 red 660 star chips and I can put them on this cheap light ?

Or would I get more power getting the driver and just making it ?

Like this has a star chip but I feel dodgey as there is nothing on any saying what driver they use so can’t exactly check voltage and power etc on these torches unless ya buy em take em apart

This says the xhp so guess the driver to be like this

But then this is surely the other end of the torch
So you need both them the driver and the button driver end
And then Just my xpg3 red ?

Do I buy a torch swap a chip which seems like a pointless gamble lol
Or just buy the bits I don’t mind making it I quite enjoy fiddling but if so how do I match both these ends up the fv is both different each end

Who would have thaught lol torches led and battery makes bright power id never thaight it needed a driver etc nevermind what I saw on other sub forum… programming a thumbnail chip my god lol wow

Don’t buy that Amazon light, looks like overpriced junk. Dubious quality cell and who knows what kind of charging circuit it’s using

On AliExpress, Convoy sell a C8+ with a 660nm (really red coloured red) SST-20 or 620nm (bit more orangy red) CLSNM1. The second option should throw a beam a very long way.

AliExpress being weird with links so I can link directly, just Google “Convoy Flashlight 660nm” and you should find the link.

You’ll need to get a charger and a cell or two as well.

Wholyshit haha thisbis why I wanna make it the convoy c8 is £156 delivered to me here that doesn’t sound like the price you guys get it as a good cheap light I’m sure lol as Alina a says there like $30 some less

Hmm I wanna try copy the build

here is a pictorial of the process to change the LED in a flashlight: