Is it just me...

...or do the Cree XPL Hi neutral white LED's have a perfect "pure white" light output? The CRI rating isn't super high, but not even the slightest hint of blue, yellow, or green at any power level.

(light from an FW4A in "Neutral White". Not exactly sure which LED it is. 3D? 5D? 4000K? 5000K?)

This little champ is making me hate all my other lights.

My TN40S has NW XP-L Hi emitters and I think that has a great tint too. A lot of times “neutral white” translates to yellowish or greenish but not with that light.

I agree. I have a few that I like.

Good observation X Ray.

I just compared my FW4A with XP-L HI 5000K LEDs to my S2+ with Nichia E17A SM503-B12-R9080 LEDs and my S2+ with Optisolis SM503-P9-Rfc00 5000K LEDs and I didn’t notice any green with the XPL-L HI LEDs. Agreed that the CRI is not there, but neither is the lumens with the E17A and Optisolis LEDs.

I also have a C8 with an XP-L HI V3 3C 5000K LED. The throw is amazing, but the green corona is a little ugly. The TIR optics in the FW4A does a good job with cleaning up the beam.

It's frustrating because my neutral white Thrunite T2 with a single XHP70.2 is floodier (which I prefer) and has the most ridiculously long run time with consistent light output you can imagine from a tiny light but the light output from the FW4A is so clean. Almost makes me hate my T2 which is otherwise perfection.