Is it ok to swap a cree x-led for an xm-l without replacing the driver?

Mxdl 18650

Bought the light a year ago for $5, the 20mm star is just resting on its edges without connection to a heatsink.
Has really good throw but without much spill, so I’d rather slip in an xm-l and make some sort of heatsink for it.

Yeah that’ll work fine. It’ll be brighter and floodier than the stock emitter, especially if it’s an XM-L replacing an XR-E or XP-E. You may also be interested in the XP-G2 (on a 20mm star from IlluminationSupply) because it has roughly the same efficacy as the XM-L. The smaller die would preserve the throwiness of the original light while producing more flood than the stock LED.

Change it. I did :bigsmile:
It is a good work light with XM-L

Changed it!

Turned out really good!

Now I just need to make a small heatsink for it and buy some thermal paste…