is it too late?-Tmart activity!

I am so busy recently and even have not the chance being online, occasionally, i find a activity of tmart attractive and seems nothing to do with the lights(but if you want to put your favorite light's picture to forcibly occupy the cover of the T-shirt), some friends are not good at neither designing nor any other digital imaging processing software. i really participate in voting the one style i love the most. but is it too late? Jul 16th to Aug 4th(GTM-4).

share the link here:

attach with the details:

1.Download the submission kit.
2.Create your art and submit.
3.promotion your design.
4.winner are chosen.
5. Prize show below:
One First Prize winner: $ 600 (Cash) + one T-shirt
Two Second Prize winners: $100 Coupon + one T-shirt
Seven Third Prize winners: $30 Coupon + one T-shirt