Is stuff good?

In doing some searching on the web I came across I did a search here and didn’t see much posted recently on them. I was thinking about buying some LEDs from them. Are they ok to buy from?

I’ve bought from them and led dna a bunch lately through ebay. Both come very well packed and labeled. (I actually wouldn’t be surprised if LED DNA and lck led are the same company)

I bought a bunch of LEDs and stuff through their website on 2-10, and almost a month later it still shows pending. After multiple emails, they finally responded that the order never got entered and offered to ship express the next day. I said OK. Several days later, the order still says pending, and they are not responding to my emails. Will start a PayPal dispute next week.

It seems they give priority to their Ebay customers (who can give negative reviews), so I would buy through Ebay if you have to. DO NOT use their website.

Good to know. I’ve already placed an order on their web site and I got an email that it shipped on the 3rd. We will see when I get it.