Is Matt (adventure sports) the new EBUYFIRE mascot?

I was looking around Amazon and came across the EBUYFIRE flashlight.\_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B0814ZXCGX&pd_rd_r=f1c2962c-4201-4b29-a1e4-25587ad424fc&pd_rd_w=LFqTJ&pd_rd_wg=FmfWZ&pf_rd_p=7cd8f929-4345-4bf2-a554-7d7588b3dd5f&pf_rd_r=AMHVKRC6VNC5N16EK91C&psc=1&refRID=AMHVKRC6VNC5N16EK91C

We all love the XXXFire lights, but this one has a new twist.
Take a look at the video and enjoy the unique translations.
“Bright Glare” anyone?

At the end of the video there are some beam shots with somebody running around with a really bright light.
The location and antics look a lot like Matt from Adventure Sports.
Best of luck in your new endeavors.
All the Best,

just another scam company using stolen footage of real flashlights to sell their fake crap ;)

i report those sh1theads on facebook on a daily base...

Looks like him.

Interesting, another(?) light with blood-spatter camo…

Take a look at the exploded parts diagram.
Bet the light would be brighter if they uses clear glass instead of an “optical mirror” for the lens.
I like the “One piece design” in the video.
Must make it wicked hard to change the batteries…

A contest…
What light is Matt holding in the video?

Just another DumpsterFire with dirty advertising morals. Toss that one in the refuse pile with all the others.

technically he can get a company specialized on stolen pictures/videos to file a legal claim for not payed fees to use his stuff

technically yes, factually it isn’t worth troubles, no one will pay him a penny. not to mention he’ll have to pay lawyer himself, best thing he can do, is to review the light and expose how crappy it is, on their page

LOL!!! I have to admit the guy looks familiar!

Over the past year or two clips from my videos have popped up in various places in China doing this same thing. Pretending as if low grade lights could perform that way. I always like when people message or email me about it. In a way its sort of flattering. I mean wow if my content is good enough to steal, I must be doing something right….

Fun fact: I literally came to BLF just now to see if I could get some help with my Amazon product photography LOL!

As far as getting it taken down from the china websites I don’t bother. This being on amazon I probly actually could manage it. Amazon is a “shared” space but since I never uploaded that content to amazon, and since they are using it to trick people etc. One funny idea I had was to buy one of their lights and then mention the stolen beam shots in my review since they would not be able to get a review taken down, again I say LOL!

In the one where I’m facing away from the camera it’s probly either Imalent MS12 or MS18 60,000-100,000 lumen lights. The clip headed back the other way I think was from another video.

Matt, Amazon’s video player has a “Report” button that shows up when I hover my mouse over the video.

If I follow that button to go to Amazon’s infringement page, it says the copyright owner must be the one to file a complaint.

It looks like they are already set up to accept a complaint with a description of the infringement and a link to your original content to confirm the infringment. If you wish to address the infringement, I think it would help to include the time stamps of the video on Amazon and for your own video.

I expect Amazon will be responsive on this. It seems pretty clear cut, and unlike on Chinese websites, Amazon is subject to US enforcement and should know it is in their self-interest to be proactive.

If the light were cheaper I’d get one for review.
Nobody could afford it but wouldn’t it be fun to see one of Matt’s videos:

I bought every XXX-FIRE light off Amazon and lived —
And only 6 burst into flames!!

All the Best

That looks like a Xanes 3320 but the funny thing is that Flashaholics has devoted a video to reviewing it. Maybe they didn’t consider the beamshots as impressive as Mat demoing an Imalent MS18 or whatever that was.

BLF GT with Cree CXB3590

Okay so now people I know personally have even been sending me messages about some of these various lights and clones of them etc so I ordered some of them, so I thought what the heck, and I ordered a few LOL!

A video side by side comparison of stock light vs your improvements would be amusing.

Right now I’m keeping my fingers crossed that “improvements” doesn’t mean throwing it in the trash can LOL :slight_smile: