Is my Convoy S2+ Faulty?

I see, so it depends whether or not it’s connected to the human heat sink. :slight_smile: cool.

I’d gone for it for heating reasons, but once I found a temperature test that indicated an S2+ in x6 reaching the same risky max temperature as x8 but a bit slower, I decided “bugger it” and went for x8 when I got the new drivers. I did notice the x8 being marginally brighter than the x6 on 10% mode and above.

On 50% it’s like you’re running a 7135x4 at full blast, which is very much tried and safe. During my 15-ish minute morning commute, it doesn’t even get warm. And the battery lasts forever. Not bad at all for swapping about 25% perceived brightness for more or less 2 more hours of runtime :laughing:

I ordered from AliExpress the same above ^
(2)S2+ 7135x8 And
(1)S2+ 7135x3
Two weeks ago and found out they’re on Chinese New Year vacation for a month. I think they’ll be back the 12th February

Nice. I’m looking forward to a high quality 4000 kelvin light. The SST-20 also looks to be efficient, with a higher lumen output than the 219C, I think.

most things with LVP faults come from a defect on the voltage divider,
the S2+ should have 19.1k and 4.7k to generate about 0.7V on MCU pin 7 which gets compared to a internal voltage reference
it happens that one resistor end is not correctly reflow soldered and does not give electrical contact, as the LVP ready low this has to be on the 19.1k resistor

I have a Samsung LH351D 5000K 90cri I believe. A friend bought a bunch and sent a few my way. I can send you one on a 16mm Mountain board if you would like to try it out. No charge or anything. I don’t have any 4000K emitters but I don’t mind flowing a emitter on a board for you if it would make your light more enjoyable. Just PM an address and I can get it in the mail sometime tomorrow.

I put that emitter in a few of my Jetbeam Jet-I MK and they are quite pleasant.

Lexel, my technical expertise is wood science (it’s true! Lol), so, I immensely appreciate your response, but have no idea what it means. :slight_smile:

go to your garage
take a soldering iron, with a small tip
stick it to the tiny part with 28C or 223 marking on both sides and see if that fixes the problem
holding the resistor with tweezers is helpful if you hit the good side it becomes loose if other is not soldered right

Somewhat suspicious of the EVVA cell. This guy’s D4s with a EVVA 26650 is doing the exact same thing, and purchased from the same place. Probably just a coincidence though

You won’t hit 3A charging a cell phone like you would on the flashlight

Toddcshoe, that’s incredibly generous! I’d love to try that! I’m such a newbie that I have to ask what diameter this would be? Would it fit in the S2+?

Interesting. I’ll try that tomorrow if possible. I’ll PM you wish quesrions I’d o ya e any troubles :-/. Thanks so much

EDIT: yikes, I only had one beer when I wrote that - I swear…

Interesting. I’ll try that tomorrow if possible. I’ll PM you wish questions if I have any troubles :-/. Thanks so much!

Hmmmm. Well, I ordered the cell based on mtn’s reputation, which I assume is good. You’re right though. I don’t have any other way to test the discharge ability of the cell. All I know is that it seems to charge normally and charged my cell phone fine from the Nitecore F2… that’s about a 1A draw. Maybe the flashlight driver is trying to start at 2800mA (100%) and the cell is too worn for that???

Nah, it’s probably not the battery.

Probably something else in the driver.

[quote=Jack Kellar]

Did you order the Nichia with a 7135 x8?

Sure did. Mostly my lumen usage is modest (below 10%), but if I need the extra blast (well, as much ‘blast’ as you can get from a Nichia anyway), it’s a quick mode selection away.

Out of curiousity, where do you get your batteries? I have two more of the exact same batteries on the way from Mtn Electronics. I’ll charge those up and see if I get the same result. Unfortunately, these are my first and only 18650s, so I don’t have anything else to try.

I’m sure there are some local vape shops in Calgary. You could go over and try a fully charged unprotected 18650, like a high drain Samsung, LG or Sony, and rule out a battery problem.

Good call. Thanks for the suggestion.

Chinese New Year may be over, they are starting to ship my convoys.

Yup! I received a shipping notification for my order this morning! I paid an extra dollar or two for 16-26 day shipping lol. That’s in contrast to regular which is up to 2 months? I don’t know.