is my driver died ? help please


i was trying some leds with this driver TR-0124B and everything was ok until i accidentally reversed the input to the driver well the driver got hot in less than a second and the voltage sense resistors under the inductor coil split into 2 peaces and now the driver is not working at all well i tried and soldered this ” Trimpot”: now it worked again with all its 5 mods the problem is the current is very very low well the high is about 20 mA even i have played with Potentiometer of the Trimpots still same very low current, so is my driver died or it can be fixed ? and btw all the other components on the driver looks ok from outside ofc i dont know what happened for it from inside

here is a pic for my driver and i marked the broken resistor

Can you read out the markings on the resistor? Perhaps you can locate a replacement.

it was R050 but shouldn’t the Trimpot replaces it ?

Trim pot resistance might not go low enough or maybe something else blew. Pic of the other side?

R050 is 0.05 ohms, I never saw trim pots with such low resistance, trimpot you soldered has 200 times higher resistance…
10 ohms / 0.05 ohms = 200

P.S. 0.05 ahms is almost 0ohms :wink: so you can just put a solder blob over/instead of that resistor but if you make that mistake of reversing polarity again you will see some serious damage.

I think the driver will probably be fine once you get the correct value resistor, like stated that POT isn’t capable of going that low.

If you don’t have any spares on hand perhaps you can find one on something you can remove in your spare parts drawer. R050 is pretty common, it doesn’t have to be that exact size, you can use a smaller one as long as the resistance is the same.

i am thinking to put a solder blob as a bridge but am afraid to burn the driver or the led

i tried a bridge with a wire it worked with one cell but with 2 cells the led fried right away so a resistor must be added , well the resistor was in the driver was R050 i used this site to calculate what R050 means i found it .05 ohm went to many shops and didnt find it, the lowest one i found was .1 ohm and then with this site i found that 2x .1 ohm resistors in Parallel would give me .05 ohm .testing in progress

Without resistor you made this light a direct drive so 8.4V went straight to LED, that was expected.

i added the 2x .1 ohm resistors in Parallel and YES its alive again :smiley: it gives 4.5 A with 2 cells , it is cool to fix something by your hands

Yes, it is :slight_smile: now go and fry some more LEDs and drivers to get more fun time repairing them :smiley: LOL

wasn’t you who said that ? was you ? :stuck_out_tongue:

That was before you mentioned second cell, I just presumed it is 1x18650 driver like 90% of other we use here :wink: