Is Phaserburn's DC fix diffusion film service still here?

I messaged Phaserburn a month ago for some DC fix but he still hasn’t responded yet. Is he still taking orders?

I bought some on Amazon, DC Fix 346-0211. :wink:

I have a piece left over from purchase from Phaserburn. It’s 4”x7”.
You can have it. Just pm me your address (assuming USA) and I can send it out tomorrow.

Member Boaz still has some .
Send him a PM .

Thanks for the help guys! It’s nice to see that some people are still offering to sell it on this forum.
I’ll see about contacting Boaz when I get the time.

Thanks for the offer Angler! I appreciate the generosity, but I don’t want to inconvenience you. I’m interested in some diffuser film, but it’s really not a pressing need.

It’s not inconvenient, I have no use for it. It is enough for 2 very large lights or several smaller ones.
If 4”x7” is enough for you needs, I’ll be happy to clear it out of my flashlight drawer! :beer:

Sure, I’ll take you up on your offer then! I feel a little guilty about accepting this. Can I at least cover the price of postage/shipping? :slight_smile:

I know CPF is not the most well accepted place here but I’m pretty sure he is still selling it there.

Well, also digging this topic just to say that if some are interested, I offer to fill-in Phaserburn service the time he is away/unavailable. PM me if interested.