Is the german taschenlampen-forum bribable resp. corrupt?

I off and on browse the german taschenlampen-forum. It is quite striking that posts of users that formulate criticism related to some flashlight manufacturers or flashlight models suddenly disappear. I assume that this forum is not ‘independent’. Meaning if your opinion deviates from their policy those opinions and posts get deleted. I saw many critiques about e.g. Olight flashlights (regarding proprietary batteries etc.), but suddenly they disappeared… Anyone observing the same or am I wrong?

In some countries in this world the owners or operators of a forum, publication or other media may or may not have a different appetite for risk when it comes to legal action from brands, manufacturers or products. If a user would say something negative about a product or brand without concrete evidence some may view that as a personal opinion (ie like a product review online).

But if a certain brand, shop or product constantly gets portrayed in a negative light without any reason or without an actual review, some legal frameworks may allow a libel lawsuit? Also, in some cases the sponsors of a forum may want to look better. I don’t use that forum, so I am guessing. Censorship should never be allowed though.

ps: I am not a lawyer, this is not legal advice. Just a guess.