Is the TK41 a 'budget' light?

At $110 and 800 Lumens, it is definitely a budget light compared to this!

And the Surefire is an incandescent bulb that puts out about 250 lumens...

Yes, but don't forget awesome SF warranty. It is worth $450 at least... :)

And from what I understand, you need that warranty on Surefires...

Is this why CPF has an obsession with SureFires? The warranty? Hell, Streamlight has a lifetime warranty.

As does maglight and terralux.

so does Rayovac.

I used to have an M6. It was friggin awesome. The 250 stated lumens was actually about 400 at initial turn on. I can't remember who tested it but there's a thread on CPF. And with the 500 lumen bulb, it was a wall of clean light. I loved it but hated spending $20+ an hour (6 cells every 20 min) using it with the M21 bulb. Actually it was more cuz nobody actually uses up lithium primaries to the very end on xenon lights do they? lol It's just too yellow.. Sad to think I sold it for what eventually was only 1500 rnds of ammo.

So I got a 10X Dominator. Same wall of 500+ lumens but rechargeable!