Is there a cure for this flashlight addiction thing?

I mean, my wife thinks I’m totally nuts (“why do you need more than one flashlight, aren’t they all the same?”), my cat has given up on me (up until 3 or 4 AM every morning lurking this forum, studying about every related topic I can), and the staff at work wonder if that’s a flashlight in my pocket or am I just happy to see them.

While this is a relatively inexpensive hobby to start, I can see how the quest for the perfect light (strongest, brightest, best CRI, best features, etc) could annoy one’s accountant after a while, and the initial thought of spending more than $5 for a flashlight, not to speak of $95, transforms from “ridiculous” to “makes sense to me”.

Oh that fated night I accidentally surfed to DealExtreme, looking for a replacement for my lost Streamlight 4AA Luxeon! Like a bite from the flashlight vampire I was hooked, panting, insatiable! No one but you who are reading this can possibly understand the agony and delight!

So does anyone know how to cure this thing, or maybe recommend a therapist (or better yet, a drug)? I have plenty of “better” things to do, and after all I don’t even go camping, need a flashlight for my job, or have any other good excuse.

Thanks for any help from all of you wise ones, I await your wisdom.

The best cure is to buy another flashlight. That will always solve it for a few hours. :P

The Zebralight SC600w is pretty nice.

Welcome to BLF!

There is no cure to be found (in this place anyway).

Did he say something about AAs and $95? I suggest the TK41.

Welcome darklion99,there is no cure for this,I hear ya about the friends and family thinking you are wierd but soon enough,it doesn't bother you anymore.Flashlight geek or flashlight dork comments will not even matter after awhile.There are many enablers here so you will have no problem draining your paypal,most of all have fun!

you could always turn to alcohol, but you would just be substituting one addiction for another

Death usually stops the addiction. :bigsmile:

Other than that, it will last as long as your attantion span, then something else will consume you. Just tell your wife it’s a “guy thing” and changing/stopping it would turn you into a girl. :wink:

OH, welcome to the hotel california.

You can checkout any time you like,
But you can never leave!

I never imagined someone could bring Don Henley into a flashlight discussion, thats a real accomplishment :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe it has some relation to the stereotype that ‘women love shiny things’.

Do all men love luminous things?

No and welcome to BLF.

I would suggest that your wife and cat are pretty normal. There are one or two people here that can relate to everything you have said. If you find that cure please dont tell me as I would go looney without out my dailey dose of reality .

Walk to wife’s closet and take pictures of shoes, handbags, dresses, etc.

After that, what you do with the answer is up to you! :slight_smile:

i surmise he will wake up with a smashed camera, flashlight, tv or all three

Asking that question here is like asking the bartender if there is a cure for alcoholism

Whats this Kreisler gag that keeps coming up in various threads?

Last time i ‘liked’ something was years ago, but we have a winner (if this could be liked)

Wow, what wonderful responses, all of you! I am humbled and you have made me feel quite warm and welcome (maybe i need to beef up my heat sink?). So the real cure, I’m gathering, is to hang out with those who share the experience. That appeases the guilt and provides shelter from the unen-Light-ened ones (blind leading the blind?). And can 4,000 BLFers really be wrong?

Thanks for letting me in the door, everyone, and let there be light!

(Now I just have to take care of my computer, iPad-iPod-Android tablet, laptop, bicycle, telescope, musician, and audio-video addictions and I’l be in good shape!)

Kreisler constantly deletes his posts and denies doing so. Hence the fact that I call him a troll. :P

I have never heard of anything so strange (i’m sure i have, but can’t think of an example at the moment)