Is there a cure for this flashlight addiction thing?

I’m so tired it took me this long to realize why the troll doll is in the pic :open_mouth:

Welcome to the cool kids' club, darklion99!

I hope not LOL

Simple ……Get another hobby stop cold turkey.

Rifles……Of all kinds…That i will never quite…Cars also never.

Gotta have a watch. How would i find it in the dark?

i’ve stopped buying flashlight… i am back to my old interest… which is WACTHES…….

Wrist watches are more expensive than flashlights, however they are more valuable. CMIIW

Its a beautiful hobby…Expect a nice whack to the bank account every 3 or 4months…

I reckon after you’ve bought your 40th flashlight or so the impulse to but the next greatest one is diminished somewhat :slight_smile: .
Of course this figure will vary from one person to another. I know it’s true for me :wink:

But who wants one?

This is one hobby that is useful above many others.

Compare it to miniature train collections, stamps, Micro machines, spoons, cards- the list goes on.

We are usually surfing the cutting edge of new technology for our hobby, using a useful medium (light at night) and stretching the boundaries of performance and function.

There are few hobbies where you can participate at the leading edge and still afford it.

Don’t fight, give in, and enjoy.

All we addicts can’t be wrong!

That said, helps to know of a good Divorce Lawyer in town……

I sure dont want 1. I have 18 on my hit list. But im no buyer until the gold market goes south.

To each he’s …Never knock a man’s hobby as long as its in good fun.

And Watches can be one heck of an investment if you approach it with the correct mindset and a little luck…

I have wayyy more than I need to use, and there are a LARGE proportion that do not even get used anymore. With all that in mind, especially after working out how much I’ve spent so far !!!, I can say that the result is one of a change of perspective. I don’t end up with the feeling of needing to stop buying torches, or anything along the lines of that, but the feeling of - How can I make BETTER purchases in the future.

I end up looking at what torches I do have, which ones I really like, and then looking for new torches that fit these refined criteria. I won’t be buying every new thing that looks somewhat cool, its more a case of quality over quantity. I must warn you however, that although frequency does go down significantly, Total expenditure keeps going up!

For example, for the purpose of hands free lighting, headlamps, The zebra light/ spark headlamps are the top tier models, and at $90-120 each, way out of budget! So I used normal torches on a headstrap (so that it could still be used as a normal torch (double use from 1 torch!), starting with with existing AA torches, from the $3 Police light, up to the more recent sunwayman C10A (awesome for headlight use with the soft button), but then I looked to dedicated headlights because they are lighter and more floody (better for headlamps). The ultra fire headlamp was a budget headlamp, but it just wasn’t perfect with PWM and a difficult to use ramping mode system. By now, total expenditure was WAY beyond a zebra light anyway, but I never actually bought one.

Last week (6-12ths later) I got my H600w Zebralight headlamp and this thing is significantly nicer on all criteria! But what happens in the end? Ive bought the out-of budget light in the end, but Ive also bought all the other torches along the way in an effort to save money for this “hobby”.

What is the take home message? - Expect to be buying everything and spending more than you expect to. And I don’t think of my self as an impulse buyer, It still takes me months of reading/comparing/searching before I actually commit to buy.

So how do you cure it? - As suggested above, death works pretty well… alternatively, just buy the perfect torch… :wink: :party:

Actually since my last response and along with help from 2100 i discovered a miracle cure!


Death was the easy answer you achive that is the tougher question ..

I suggest death by lumens ... or maybe the sheer weight of a shelf of flashlights falling on you ..then they can say such nice things about you ..."He was such a happy guy ..till he got hit with that plunger looking light ".

Best thing to do is play it cool .. Trying to sell the idea to anyone else as being normal will never work .Nonchalant is the only way to not be percieved as being absolutely insane.

Ever since i got my ebay hid i havent felt any urge to buy a new torch

Why fight it? Enjoy it, there are far worse addictions.

You guys are way cool! Thanks so much for making me feel so welcome. I’ve been enjoying reading the thread and all the comments you have to offer.

Racoon City, you are too much! That is an awesome “Dark Lion”! I use that name because I’m naturally an introvert and tend give a lot to others, without asking for anything in return, you know, kind of giving away the store all the time. So I use the lion as a symbol of asserting myself, standing up for myself. So it’s very cool to see your symbol/image of the dark lion.

OKWChin, LOL, I love your description of trying to make the best purchase decisions, reminds me a lot of me! The compromise keeps eating at you because it’s just a clone, not the REAL THING. UltraFire is NOT Zebralight and you always know it, no matter how good the copy. But there is this budget thing, getting a “good enough” torch and “saving money”. I agree, in the long run we’re probably better off getting what we wanted in the first place, but the hunt is so delicious!

Thanks to everybody for welcoming me to the family!

— Robert Baker

Answer : NO

I thought about getting into lasers but they are banned. Most knives are banned. Guns are a definate no- no. Watches are a bit exe. I really must stop buying flashlights as I have run out of hiding spaces.

i decided my bank balance is close to zero and my huge computer desk well its a disco ball now :smiley: