Is there a flashlight equivalent to emisar d4s but with 18650 or 21700?

An sbt 90.2 is simply the wrong emitter for a primary edc light for 99% of people. There are too many compromises that have to be made. Once we start talking about a jacket-pocket sized light it becomes more doable, but still not ideal.

I meant to suggest this the other day and forgot. It is a decent option.

The Fireflies E07x Pro has an upgraded narrow optic. Jack, the owner of FF, said that was the throwiest optic he could find and it throws MUCH better than the previous E07 optic. Too bad it is sold out on his website.

Sofirn if25 does seem like a nice light to have but it’s not gonna work. Seems to be in between a d4 and d4s. So head is too small. And thanks for doin the mod to sft40, now we know the throw measurements.
Looks to me, the d4s with w2’s is supreme. I’m curious about the e07 pro though. Did not know it has new narrow throw optics. I wonder what lux would 7x w2’s in the eo7 pro do.
The original e07 does about 50kcd with w2’s. The new pro optics probably be 75kcd if that.
My d4svn does 100kcd.

As far as I’m aware you can’t buy one anywhere (except maybe used) so it isn’t actually an option, and no one knows when they’ll be available again. This is leaving out the multitude of QC complaints popping up about FF.

So from that perspective, it seems you may have looped back to Hanklights.

I like the Imalent R30.

9k lumens and 500 meters throw. 21700 and NO Anduril.
Only perennial problem with Imalent is they don’t make the switch
easy to find. Not even in daylight.


Recieved my custom quad w2’s lumintop fw21 pro from skylumen today. It’s one beast of a light! It’s brighter than my d4svn with the same quad w2’s and throws 40% better as well!
And I’m only using a 40t. I’m using red Vapcell on the d4svn. This new light has now dethroned my kr1vn with sbt90.2. Similiar brightness but the fw21vn throws 40% better than the kr1vn as well. So happy with my new light.
Edit: well I’m not sure if it equates to 40% more throw actually. But the lux number is 40% higher. I measured both the kr1vn and d4svn at 85lux. And I got 128 lux with the new fw21vn. These numbers are not a rating test. I just put my lux meter on a chair and walked about 25 feet away. It’s just a test for me to compare these three lights, not true lux numbers