Is There a Replacement for the KD HAIII BUCKLE V6?

I really liked this light, and wonder if there will be a similar replacement?

It was a nice little light. I will miss it too, but have a few spares… There are other small AAA lights out there, what was it about the buckle that you liked so much?

One thing it was a quality light for $5.00. The size was not too large for ED carry in my pocket, and the price made it a great gift light. I have a couple left that I may not gift.:slight_smile:

They were probably the best sub $8 dollar EDC light ever built.
I managed to snag 10 of them (2 of the 4-color sets and 2 black singles) before they were sold out. These are great with a 219B Nichia mod. I gifted a few, a modded one for the 3K giveaway, & have a couple i EDC in coats, one hangs off the zipper of my work lunch bag.

There is a store called Shenzhen Lanhaite Electronics Limited Co on AliExpress that shows them available. But they are say 70 lumens, not 110. And they are $12, not $5. Other than that…

I’d suggest the SF-348 —a great $6 AAA light from “The”’s groupbuy.
The Nichia model is only a dollar more with High CRI & Gift box.
Yes—they are from Gearbest—and I’ve never had issue with their shipping.

Why would a company (like KD) make a light that is (apparently) super popular, sell the hell out of it, then stop making it? Were they losing money on them, I wonder?

At only $5 bucks a piece with the great build quality they were, i doubt KD made very much if any at all on them.

I agree, these always seemed underpriced. It’s still strange that they have stopped selling the product rather than increasing the price though.

Well, my previous post says they are available for $12, with reduced output (?)

  • I saw that. FWIW I couldn’t easily find the buckle light on that store. You did not post a link.
  • IIRC KD sold plenty back in the day at above the price you mentioned. KD has increased the price of the buckle lights in the past, I don’t see why they wouldn’t do it again if necessary.

I seem to recall reading in another thread somebody asking them if they would run off another batch, with the answer being no. The last units offered did sit around awhile IIRC, so even if it was well-liked here that may not have held true in the big picture of all lights and all buyers.

I had read about the mods and had decided to get a couple as one on my interests is maximum-performing AAA/10440 sized lights, and this one had been developed into one which beats all others hands-down. But alas, I moved too slow and they were gone before I could grab one.

Does anyone know if the ones sold by Shenzhen Lanhaite which IamMatt mentions can be modded the same as the old ones?


Apologies. I just Googled KD HAIII BUCKLE V6 MAX and it was on the first page of hits so I figured I could find it again if needed. Now I Google it and it is not there. Can’t explain it.

Here we go:
Buckle V6

But it’s over $18 now.


IIRC, the one I saw did not say “no longer available” and was 70 lumens, so I must have seen a different one.

But this is the seller already mentioned- Shenzhen Lanhaite Electronics- and it still lists 110 lumens, but we know how accurate listings are (or are not would probably be a better way of putting it!)