is there a setting that puts most recent posts at the top of thread, instead of jumping down with the link and reading up?

is there a setting that post most recent posts at the top of thread instead of jumping down with the link and reading up? I don’t mind the new format but this one just makes navigation awkward for me. Thanks

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If click on the post counter, it gives you the option to scroll down with the side bar, and then every time you click in the same thread, it sents you there where you left it… !

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Nothing at all man, have a good one !

That helped. It still seems counterintuitive to scroll and read up to catch up in a thread. Shouldn’t it be left to right top to bottom like a book? New info to the top old info falls away?

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Yeah you are not wrong… but it is what it is… !

Once you have caught up on a thread on Discourse, when there’s a new post and you click on the thread, you’ll be taken to the new post.
Unfortunately, if you were caught up on Drupal and you haven’t caught up on Discourse yet, that’s where the problem lies. :thinking:

glad I’m not the only one. I don’t know if I can adapt to that.

It feels like someone inverted my mouse scroll but only on one website and there is no way to change it back. It’s weird and my brain is not liking it.

And when are new posts… it sends you in the first posted comment since you left the thread !

I post this with intent to help and give feedback not as a complaint.

it’s easy to find the latest post or where one left off. It’s scrolling up to then read top to bottom for a single post, stop, scroll up again, single post etc. Rather than reading top to bottom in a continuous flow scanning post in one continuous read from newest to oldest content.

The beginning is where one should start but multi-page threads can back years. Often info , parts , methods are all outdated. That’s a lot to scroll through, years of
pages , to find out the latest and greatest emitter for an S2. I want to start at the present and maybe go back a little. Just my experience.

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You can grab (click&hold) the scroll bar marker with your mouse/finger and it will give you a date and the post number.
To me this is more convenient (and faster!) than having to go through dozens of pages.

Newer posts being below old posts is my main struggle.

Isn’t this the same as the old format for the site?

I think so, but the problem is that Discourse doesn’t know what you’ve already looked at on Drupal, which used to annoy me a little, but I’ve gotten over it. :upside_down_face:

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if you click on the reply count before entering a thread theres a dated first/last post selection to jump to.

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Wow, that’s pretty cool!
I never noticed that before. :+1:

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After bouncing between sites I think its the continuous scroll vs having pages to jump through that is throwing me

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I hope that you will get used to it. Personally, I think pages are a PIA. After using this format for the last few days, I am finding the scroll with easy access to the last post to be quite good.

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I love the scrolling single page, no matter the length. The right side of the page slider, or whatever its proper name is, allows rapid movement up or down the page. I find it easier to come to approximate date ranges in a long thread. Similar action when viewing on a small screen device.

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Thanks for that info.

Because of that I found another feature. This will work good especially for long long threads. When you are at your desired postcount after reading it tap the postcount again and they’ll be a drop-down on the bottom left and it will say “Jump to”.

That will open up and you could choose where you want to go by date or by post number.

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