Is there a "Star" rating system for BLFers??

Last night I logged in on a computer other than my own for the first time and something looked different. I realized that under every user name, on every posting, were a group of between 2 and 5 little black stars. Back home on my own pc again these stars weren't there, as usual. Not a biggie, but I'm curious, especially re why/how the stars are on my mate's pc and not mine..

Yup, there are stars under user name... star count rises with post count, so it's not really rating.

So post 2 times about something.

Your browser at home must not have Star Power.

Yes, very generously allocated too, (even if it is a bit CPF-ish). I had 4 stars with less than 100 posts! Maybe the quality of the posts bumps things up Tongue Out The real puzzle is why these air miles indicators don't come up on my own pc. Something to do with the browser? My mate uses Chrome, I'm still struggling along with IE..