Is there a way to get Li-ion cells from fasttech?

Hi guys,

Just a month ago I ordered Nitecore NL166 CR123A cells from Fasttech. I shipped them to a friends address in the UK. It seems that this is no longer possible. Is there any way to get cells from Fasttech, either UK or EU countries? I am reluctant to try other chinese sites other than Fasttech due to many issues I had with them in the past.


Theres some tightening of postage systems from Asia at the moment due to the Malaysia Airlines flight, one would assume thats why. So no, they wont ship batteries to most places ATM. There used to be options for me, now it just says the warehouse can not ship to my destination.

I would assume its temporary. How temporary I have no idea.

The question is…. is there a way to get liion cells from any chinese seller??? or

Ive found those Euro stores to be expensive, and IIRC postage is expensive too even if in the same location country.

Id try Calvin at Illumination Supply (Calvin is a member here). You pay postage over FT, but the item prices are very close. I ordered on the 1st June, last Sunday, and according to tracking it has arrived in Australia already. I dont have it yet, but tracking says its passed through an Australian sorting facility on the 6th and is on its way to me. Thats pretty respectable postage times, Ill have it Monday or Tuesday (Monday is a public holiday here).

Order enough to make it worthwhile, my order total was $101. He has some good prices on Energizer CR123’s. I got a heap of those, and some 16340s and 14500s plus cases and a 4sevens 2xCR123 light just to say I own a 4sevens.

I odered a couple of panasonic 18650 from Buyincoins few days ago. Shipped by Philpost. I’ll let you know if they arrive to me.

Banggood is also shipping lithiums to some EU countries

No you cant order from fasttech.

Fasttech won’t ship overseas for the time being. i contacted them myself recently. however, I managed to order some 18650 IMR batteries off aliexpress and the seller said it can be posted.

They don’t ship like 2 months already, maybe more.

I ordered 10 days ago and they was shipped

Don’t know, the option to order for EU is grayed out long time….

Try aliexpress, there are sellers which have ways of sending those batteries.

Already did, have 8 NCR18650PF on its way, but its too slow shipping, anyone have experience to share the shipping time?

The seller told me, minimum 30 days, and on average like 45 :frowning:

I don’t know if that’s his way to not judge him later if it takes longer, or its really 30 + days…

Move to China. That's where 90% of all the stuff you will ever own is.

From the 29th of may Malaysia post was not available anymore for batteries
I ordered on the 26th, and today I got a update saying they was posted over the counter

Yeah, but for many places the block is more recent. For Australia, it was maybe 8-10 days ago.

Ye i guess, i’m 100% sure i couldn’t get 18650 on order even 3 months ago.

This will help the UK members. Torchy the battery boy. He`s a member here, has`nt been
seen in a while . He is active on fleabay Uk. Here is his page and his web page

Hope this helps out.

I’ve bought from Torchy, no problems.