Is there any "SST6" LED? New arrival flashlight with it...

Any of you have seen the SST6 led? or is a typo?

Because today this flashlight appeared at DX

However, a bit expensive... usual for flashlights with SST leds

Some time ago used to be a SST80 flashlight , now's SST6, no such thing.

SST-80 = SST-50

SST6 = XM-L T6

Is that LED in the photo a XML??? I can not distinguish

That exact body is sold by other companies with a XM-L , for example On The Run X5, please do not confuse it with Palight T6, it's not the same boy and overall dimensions are not identical.

I'd say yes, you can see 3 bond wires...

Then, what a typo from DX.

Not necessarily , it seems that SST-80 it's still used all over , maybe this SST6 is a new BS. We'll see in time.

i loved the cree p7 crap:)

I think that it's a XM-l T6 just as M3TAL_L0RD said.

Yes, the 3 "bond wires" can be seen. That will be a xml with no doubt, but.... if luminus has a new led with 3 bond wires too?

Also, I dont know if my eyes are true or not, the led in the photos is not completely square.... difficult to see but two "sides" of the led seems to be "diagonal"..... I dont know if it can be understood...

If Luminus Devices has a new SST it sure won't be on a cheap flashlight called CREE. They go big with this kind of stuff.

They don't show anybody the LEDs?, no news but they put it in the hands of some maufacturer to sell it under the name of their enemy?

LED dome distorts shape.

Thanks for the photos, m3tal_l0rd..

Now I can distinguish perfectly. It is a Cree XML with no doubt!!