Is there something wrong with me?...

A few weeks ago I went to buy something and for the first time just got this horrible feeling in my abdomen, and just couldn’t go through with the purchase (It was a rather expensive computer part on sale, that I spent hours researching).

Now just a few moments ago I went to purchase a C8, a ZY-T08, and 4 UR18650F batteries and got the same feeling. :~

Are you religious?

Could be something/somebody telling you something.

Maybe your conscious telling what you used your money for was better to be spent on something else?

If you buy many lights,like most people here on BLF ,that feeling Will be gone soon.

You decide if that is good or bad.


The value of a man is best determined by how he feels about flashlights.

Any family that is having a hard time? Health wise, financially or otherwise. Perhaps your (subconsciously) questioning the value of what your spending time & money on?

Or you just ate something bad. :Sp

Wow, now I feel dumb for not realizing this before; My father has been talking to me recently about his work drastically cutting his hours down. I believe you hit the nail.

Don’t feel dumb, our brains can just act a little odd sometimes.

Sometimes our bodies and minds affect us in some ways we don’t understand. But don’t worry, I believe this abdominal feeling won’t stay long in you.

if you buy more light i’m sure you’ll get some enlightenment 0:)

Amen :smiley:

P.S. if you are jewish that could explain this feeling also :stuck_out_tongue:


That feeling goes away as you buy more flashlights.

Just ask your doctor for a prescription for some Xanax ODT. It will make that feeling go away in about 30 seconds and you can get on with buying more and more flashlights.

I added a smaller, cheaper flashlight and 14500 batteries to the empty cart…

No odd feeling…

I bought it.

the xanax is more addictive and more expensive then the flashlights