is this a BLACHSHADOW TERMINATOR Clone for $51.80 ??

Ive been reading the reviews on the BLACKSHADOW TERMINATOR, this seems to be a very nice flashlight apart form its a bit expensive, ive been trawling through DX website and there they seem to have a clone for only $51.80 delivered!! has anybody had experience of this clone or is it just a poor quality copy, any feedback on this would be great.

I would be tempted, but already have this one of the way.

I have one that is a “rage” model I think it’s the same as this. It’s a bit different but a nice light. Not powered nearly as high though. The one I have is set up so low is one emitter on medium is two emitters and high is all four. One nice thing is no PMW. and it does have a very nice beam.

I plan on modding mine someday.