Is this driver in this light?

hi, so, this light……

…does this light have this driver ?


I’m looking to swap the LED for E21A Single LED.
was told it should be 2.5A on Max and Buck Boost, Not Linear.

Any other suggestions most welcome.

KD driver looks like a clicky switch one. The light is a side switch. Sofirn’s side switch drivers (that I’ve seen” have a perpendicular PCB on them for the switch to mount to.

Sofirn’s are in this listing:

thanks so is it a better MOD with the KD or leave it as Sofirns?.
Single E21A 9080 LED.
don’t want the LED or driver to fry.


I don’t think you can make the KD driver work in that light. You need a driver with the switch built in. There’s not a lot of room to work with in there.

Also, I am pretty sure the driver in the sofirn is a fet one, very likely more current than you’re going to want.

thank you, so is there a way around or best to look again for another host?.
that LED E21A I need around 300L.

I’d do a different host. Start with the driver you want, then go from there.

For current-limited, I’m a big fan of the l4p drivers. I used a few of them with my white flats, with great success. 17mm and clicky.

For host, if you like the form factor of the sofirn, why not an s2+? Easy tip work with, OP or smo reflectors available.

s2 was the idea, but yes, may change the driver to l4p.
any new efficient l4p driver to suggest?.

…single LED E21A 6500 200-300L.
S2+ Likely, or Olight M1T if a driver swap is not needed.

thanks lots man.

Based on this thread, Nichia E17A/E21A series (April 19th: updated with output tests in the OP)

I’d say you want to stick with 3 amps or less. That appears to be the sweet spot.

I’ve used l4p’s A4 model for mine. I’d recommend you, select 2-3a if that’s where you want it to be.

To be honest, i’d encourage you to use the s2+. Manufactured lights are more difficult to work with.

What size is the mcpcb that the led is on?

thanks, so an s2+ to mod would be better than this SOFIRN SP31?
is SOFIRN under 3A?. new to modding and someone is doing this for me.

There are a bunch of reviews here on the SP31. The first one I opened said they measured 2.5 amps at the tail in the highest mode. The driver appears to be a buck driver (so it reduces voltage from the cell down to what the emitter needs). Given that and that the light uses and XPL emitter (IIRC), the current to the emitter is probably also around 2.5 amps.

I didn’t realize it was a buck driver. That makes it much easier to deal with in this situation. Sp32a is the fet light I was thinking of.

My bad