Is this light worth 181.82USD? (Dont laugh...okay laugh a bit)

FEREI M501 CREE Q5 3-Mode 155-Lumen White LED Flashlight w/ Strap (1 x AA)


Nope!! Decimal one place to the left.

lol looks a crazy joke... chinese are beaming greed trying to introduce Veblen goods xD

I find distasteful clothes or objects that show the brand in that way so striking... also the website c'mon

But, but, but, it's a Ferei!

Well, I can't say they are bad. Ok, another company with quality lights (very unique design, btw), like Fenix, Sunway, JB, Nitecore... But I think they (Ferei) sell much less than brands mentioned before. Those are a very known brands, dunno someone who knows something about lights will buy Ferei instead of Fenix. I have seen many custom lights @ CPF, and really, those are super overpriced for sure. 300 bucks for AA light? The same with Ferei. Perhaps they offer very good quality machining, excellent driver, etc. etc. But, IMO, they need to enter budget or semibudget segment, so more people will but their lights, and perhaps after some good review they will sell more. Just my 2 cents.


Look at that sweet lanyard and the rubber tail-switch!

There was a thread about these lights a while back. All i remember about it is that the design on the tailswitch looks like a cats butthole.

Surefire level?

Someone should buy them from here and sell them to DX.

No reviews yet....big surprise.

It comes with the land in the photo too

HKD? maybe