Is this the crispest XML hotspot you've ever seen?

I've often thought Brinyte missed a trick by not producing an XM-L version of their D8.

Then I came across this XM-L modded D8. And it seems the D8 has a hefty solid brass pill. But it was the beamshots that got to me. The hotspot is so damn crisp. I've never seen an XM-L hotspot so clearly defined.

Then I found that UltraOK have the D8 at an almost reasonable price for such a solid host.

Boy am I tempted.........

Make sure you can swap driver/emitter in that light, some of those are a pain to get the old stuff out.

BTW, my Palight (C8) has a very similar hotspot, but it is an XP-G

I have a 2-cell pre-production version of that light (sterile) that is my favorite XM-L thrower. It has kept my 'need' for a 7G5 or Catapult to a minimum.

When I finish my homemade thrower, I'll take some beamshots of it, this one, and a few popular ones for reference.

The most accurate and descriptive words I could use to describe this light are:

"Ungh - me likey!"

Yes. Looking at the mod on CPF it looks like he had to chisel the old driver

Maybe I'm missing something, but by the size of the door and distance in the pics you linked, I don't see any major difference from a stock C8 XM-L ...

I think TK35 has a beam like this.

This is not a "crispy" hotspot. It's just a crappy camera.

The reflector in this light is similiar to Tiablo A10 / Solarforce MPP-1 / Thrunite Catapult (in overall dimensions). It's OK, throws good, but nothing to drool at.