Isle Of Man Electric Bike TT Race

Did any one else watch it last week? A battery powered motorcycle got around the 37.75 mile course at an average speed of 113 MPH for one lap. Reportedly the battery pack and motor had a maximum output of about 100 KW or about 130 HP. A total of four bikes were in the winning speed range with lap times within a few seconds of one another.

To me an impressive example of current battery and electric motor technology to get this kind of power in a Motorcycle.

For members who do not know about it the TT course is open roads normally used by all vehicle traffic. All two lane roads running through towns and open country but they have normal curbs, houses and businesses and many stone , brick and other walls right next to the roads. Also trees and every type of road hazard you can imagine along town and country two lane roads.

Theyve been running an electric bike race/class at the TT for a few years now.

Theres an electric drag bike pulling low 7s IIRC, had very good 60ft times due to the electric motors torque and power delivery. Turns out to be sub 7.

interesting, I have to take a look.
no fatalities this year?

One unfortunately. I was there once. Way back in 1972 but based on the TV coverage things have not changed much and that course is a disaster as far as rider safety is concerned. Too many things for riders to hit immediately adjacent to the course roads.

Thats half the attraction for riders… and spectators.

I can understand some extreme sport, where most of the time everything goes right, but in other cases I can’t.
All riders know some of them will die there, but most survivors will repeat next year…

It is not part of any race series so no pressure on the riders to compete, they do it because they love doing it.
If you think that’s scary then try to catch the Irish races, the North West 200 is a very demanding race in all the categories, not meaning that the I.O.M. TT isn’t of course.

True. Open road racing for cars and bikes is pretty well gone from the world except for the IOM and Irish public road motorcycle races. They are the last since things like the Mille Miglia and long distance open road rally car events disappeared from Europe. As I recall though the Baja 1000 still has some pavement sections and the Pikes Peak hillclimb is now fully paved but there are few such events any more since knocking off spectators is no longer considered to be socially acceptable.

I got to see several electric bikes take some laps at the Indy MotoGP, it was pretty odd to see them going around the track so silently. It was so quiet you could even hear (what I thought) the tires sliding against the pavement in the turns. I think its amazing how quickly the technology has come along, just look at the times of the TT Zero race:
2010 - 96.8mph, 23:22
2014 - 117.4mph, 19:17