ISO: Dual switch light [host] for police officer

I know I’m new here (in post count terms) but I’m a regular modder / builder and one of my good friends has finally asked for me to build him a light. Thing is, as he’s an active patrol officer the light has to be 100% perfect and bomb proof and exactly what he needs in order to be useful and I’m having a hard time finding a suitable dual switch host.

HW, FW & operation wise I know what he needs (a modded version of anduril which I made to memorize the last used level and retain that level through power cycles so it always comes on with the tail switch at the memorized brightness).

I also need the host / light as small as possible, the Sofirn SP31 V2 seems like a good host candidate but it looks a little long to physically work like he requires (to much forward weight pulling the light down when attached to the shoulder of his vest) …

This is the light he currently uses (yes, it lacks a lot) but it does work well for him physically so I want to find a host I can build him that will be a good replacement.

And this is why form is so important, this is how he uses it.

I’ll be greatful for any 18650 or even 14500 light suggestions (sold in host form or not), with dual switches (tail clicky and side button) with a good pocket clip. Built in USB charging would be a big plus but isn’t required. Price doesn’t matter.

I guess it doesn’t meet most of your criteria, but I’ve been using the Klarus XT1C (dual tail switch) and it has been serving me well!
But again, it may not suit your requirement.
I also like the Olight M2R Warrior!

It’s a bit of a moose, but the Nitefox UT20 works great. Sideclicky to set modes, rearclicky for on/off.

Important distinction: it’s MOMENTARY-ON, so you can do a flash’n’dash with only a half-press, no need to fully click to turn on/off. Keep it locked on low, high, whatever you want, and half-press to flick it on in that mode.

Haven’t worked it in a while, but I think that’s the one that has 2 modegroups, EDC and “tactical”. I always kept mine on EDC, which did everything I wanted it to do.

So… shouldn’t really need to mod anything, as it’s quite nice right out of the tin.

(Oh yeh, has usb charging as well.)

Whatever host I go with it’ll be a triple conversion with red emitter for low from the single 7135 channel so modding is a for sure thing. Thanks for the suggestion though, I’ll look into it!

I also just found the klarus ST15 which looks great too!

If you are going to gut it and replace everything. Would a Thorfire TK18 work?

Don’t mind the price. Visit M4DM4X’s site for a coupon code.

Looks great and great price but “product not in sell status”, is that expected to change?

Well I probably should have paid attention to that before I posted it. My apologies. After a bit more searching I can only find a few on Ebay that are too expensive. Not many others floating around. Makes me think they aren’t making it anymore. So with that, Sofirn make a very similar light. Sofirn is also top notch and easily reachable here on BLF if you need anything. They are good people. The SP31 should fit the bill.

Hm, no worries.

I do like the sp31 and it’s a fall back option for sure (I have several of the larger sofirn lights and even a dual switch C8F but the head is a bit to large for his use or I’d just give him it.

Are sofirn parts interchangeable? Does a SP31 V2 clicky tail fit a SP32 tube? If not do the heads interchange on their tubes?

BG again lists the klarus ST15 as “not in sell status” on the app and a 404 error when trying to bring up the listing on their site but battery junction has them listed to be restocked in 10 days so I put in an email to them to see what’s up.

Sp31 and Sp32 tail is interchangeable

Ebay has a bunch of the ST15. I’m sure they are on the high end of pricing there but, an option none the less. I think the only dual switch light I have is a older Olight M18 Maverick. An out of production light. I also don’t see them pop up for sale very often. Great lights if you can find one. Emitter swap was necessary to get away from the cold white. I put a Samsung LH351D in it.

I’ll keep looking for ya. I am interested in seeing your build as well.