****ISO Light Bar Designer*****

Hey guys iv been looking to build few light bars for me and friends BUT i do not have the skills to put a design down on my computer for a machinist to view in different angles ect....So is there anyone who can help design one??? looking for a 10" and 24"

once its done ill search for a machinist to start machining a few,unless i can buy just a body of a light bar anywhere ?

if interested PM me please

I can definitely help but my computer screen crapped out this afternoon. Parts to fix it will be here next week but I’m not good at typing on my phone I’m the mean time. Email me and I will get back with you around Tuesday or wednsday. I’m in Ohio as well and know of a few local machone shops I’ve used for light parts before.

Thanks Cereal Killer, ill send u a email then and if anyone once to help just join in :) the main thing im looking for is (cooling) and led/reflector placement and for throw/spill

Not sure what you’re after but I’m willing to take a look at what you want these to look like.

just a nice looking design so i can show it to a machinist to view so i can get a quote on having few made or doing a GB ?

I wouldn’t bother machining. You can get a long way by simply buying the right extrusion and putting a U-shaped metal cap over it that holds the optics. At most, the machinist would be drilling and tapping some holes.

Aavid has a lot of excellent shapes already available at the length you need. This, and the U-shaped sheetmetal will give you all the rigidity you need.

Here’s a sample of a 10.5” extrusion that will be $50 for 24”. Aavid, Thermal Division of Boyd Corporation is now Boyd - Boyd | Trusted Innovation

You can do calculations on the site as well as to what you can expect from heat transfer.

how many emitters and what type of optics?

for me i would go with a cree led i like the XML-U2 bins in cool white and add few diff one's on the side for some spill, ill check that site out and place a order with few other supply's

These don’t fit your description of what you are looking for?


I mean why recreate the wheel? Hireing out machinist and people to build out something that is almost plug and play is kinda silly. I can’t remember where the thread is that Calvin shows just how silly bright these are. (I am thinking about getting some for our new Cherokee. :slight_smile: )

Nitro it doesn’t sound like you’ve made it very deep into the planning process yet. What goals are you trying to achieve? I think a lightbar is already going to have plenty of spill. Normally they are constructed as a repeating pattern, no LEDs at different angles on the side or anything. It seems that arrays of TIR optics are often employed. Maybe you should pickup some offroad magazines and look at what’s already out there?

Also, here’s FlashPilot’s thread on the subject - “DIY Light Bar - 40 x XM-L2 on copper.” (Also note Bigtoy302’s post #56 in that thread)

Ive already been down this path. Check any of the 4x4 forums and you’ll discover that there isnt a single Chinese manufactured light bar that comes even close to comparing to name brand versions. Having said that, you probably wont be able to produce a light bar for less money than a good name brand version if you are expecting the same type of reliable high performance (lumens, efficiency, beam pattern, heat sinking).

IMO, the Chinese versions arent worth the price of aluminum scrap… save your money. If you arent sure, check out many of the dozens of reviews that show what complete rubbish they are.

My light bar build might give you some ideas.

edit: I see that you’ve already been there.

yea its been a while since i posted in that thread and for got all about it, i will read some reviews on some light bars but it would of been nice if i made my own lol

Anyone have links to there preferred light bars? I have just started and would like to hear what people think about different brands.

You might want to check out

and their other top-shelf competitors. While shopping, make sure you are viewing the current models - as a great deal of old stock is trying to be pawned off on the unsuspecting through various vendors. If you find something you like but are unsure, you can post here and many of us should be able to help advise you.