It has been 31 days since my DD v10A was shipped. What should I do?

Hi there everyone. I am looking for advice.

I ordered my Sunwayman V10A from DD and they told me it was shipped out on Sept. 30th. About 3 weeks later I recieved (randomly) an email from them that read this:

Thank you for purchasing with us online at DinoDirect.
We are writing to confirm whether you have received your package(s) for your order 83194515-DD or not in that it (they) has (have) been shipped out for a few days?
As international shipment, the item(s) may be delayed by various unexpected factors such as the strict inspection of the custom, the bad whether. We do hope you could understand. The following shipping time table is for your reference.

I have never recieved this email from DD with other orders so I found it strange that I had waited 3 weeks and then they asked if it was recieved yet. Anyways, it has now been 31 days since they 'shipped it out' and I have not recieved anything. They told me a few days ago that they tracked it and it was within Canada but they have not supplied a shipping number. What should I do at this point? I have already threatened a paypal dispute. I have never filed a dispute with paypal. Should I do this? If so how do I go about doing that? What else would you recommend? Thanks everyone!

I'd start a dispute. You have 45 days (AFAIR) to start that so do it fairly soon. Most stuff from HK arrives in the UK within three weeks of shipping - occasionally 5 weeks. So it is time to start Paypal on the job. If it arrives you can always stop the dispute.

paypal dispute is open. I will keep ya posted. Thanks for your time and help Don!

That message gets sent automatically about 3 weeks after shipment. I had two orders about a week apart and got the messages about a week apart, but the two items arrived the same day. It's a good reminder and your item should have gotten there around the time of the message.

I hope your light shows up soon.

I think you should open a paypal dispute as it takes so long...